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  1. Hi Rosa!! I love your quote, it's one of my favorites!
  2. Yeah. What she said. Felt like nothing was happening and then just woke up ten lbs. lighter and floating in my jeans, then every month or so the same thing happened again...
  3. OMG I totally want the Roomba too. Endless hours of cat fun and vacuuming, what could be better? I study or work and the cats chase a big red cleaning thing around the room! Woot!
  4. I love it! Um... it's really, really small, even for a peep.
  5. OUCH! Futuredivot gives Bolas the serious SMACKDOWN!!
  6. They must take one look at you guys and think "suckers"! I pay $50 with tip for a cut, style and color. I know, I pay 70! I thought THAT was a lot.
  7. What I personally love the thought of is how many people opened this thread by virtue of it's title and then realized it was all marshmallow peeps. LMAO.
  8. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/gallery/2008/03/21/GA2008032101983.html?sid=ST2008032102694
  9. Um Chris, that was kind of gross. Well done.
  10. I'm sick too. Blech, started coming down with it this morning.
  11. Art and music were meant to open your mind. I'm glad it did it's job.
  12. Wow J, what a beautiful young lady! You should be proud.
  13. I do the same thing, I have her, and Lee and Mark Foster still in my phone contact list. Can't seem to delete them, at least until I get my new phone next month.
  14. LOL. Billy you're a riot. What did your parents do when you were a child? When you were being bad did you just look away when they scolded you?
  15. 1.Palm Sunday 2.St. Patrick's Day was Monday 3. Maunday Thursday 4. Spring Vernal Equinox 5. Good Friday 6. Easter Sunday Should I drink or fast?
  16. I'm a nun. Nuns don't blow people.
  17. Do you want detention young man???
  18. No. And thank God I don't. I'm in a foul mood. I need a good rest. Being a teacher rocks though.
  19. Okay. Fine. Then send me joke, or good wine, or a hot cabana boy to give me a good massage? I'm in pain and in a chitty mood, what can I say.... I need 'assistance' to get rid of the winter (whiner) blues. I haven't seen real sunlight in 6 months.
  20. Of course she's a hottie. She's a teacher.
  21. You really enjoyed hearing me whimper like the new kid on cell block "c", didn't you? Baffled is all, I mean you were perfectly safe. We were just driving in the Northeast. Everyone drives like that here.
  22. No, because you like stuffed squirrels. Hey now, from what I hear... turtles blow up just as easily as squirrels.