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  1. pineapple juice fresca chambord peach vodka peach or apricot sherbert & raspberry sherbert Sounds weird but I had and it was light and dang good. Also, never underestimate the power of sparkling wine mimosa. Sangria also rocks.
  2. So can we rub our balls up against women randomly at bars? Of course not, breasts are not the same and you know it. They're just THERE. If you leaned against me with your chest, would you notice? Probably not. We can't help that they stick out and they are NOT the same thing as your genitalia. For one thing, one is a lot lower than the other. Doh. What this thread proves without a doubt is how many men just totally misunderstand women.
  3. I thought you didn't even like the word boobies. I'm so confused.
  4. Don't get your little thong in a wedgie. Just for that, I hope that you have a mental image of me in a thong the next time you try to have a meal. Oh Shane. I'm so glad I met you BEFORE I read this thread.
  5. Yeah. Avoidance is sort of a really big sign. Good luck.
  6. such a simple question that does soooooo much!! Well done. Well, sometimes we just don't get what we want, maybe we're not meant to get it with that person. I love many ex's but I had to just let them go. One died, one wasn't in to me, one got married... the reasons go on. I figure if the reason is out of my control then it's not something I need to worry about. I think a (notice I didn't say "the") right person will find me way too valuable to let go. I have faith. Sometimes faith hurts though...
  7. Thank you. I needed that. Quite frankly I'm surprised you had any, usually it's your threads I need it for most!
  8. In the middle of the yawn scream at cat. Kitty will turn into squirrel tailed kitty. It's very funny.
  9. NICO! WTF! Aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I'm traumatized. I need mental bleach again. Oh make it go away. Pleeeeeeze.
  10. You're probably right, I just wonder why I always get symptoms after getting the shot? Oh well.
  11. Just curious. I got one and I feel icky now, fever and sore throat, slight cough. Sigh. I don't know whether it's because of the shot or not but that is what my friends say...
  12. She's beautiful, and obviously very happy.
  13. Someone got more of that mental bleach please??
  14. Thank you. I needed that. I sent it on. LMAO!!
  15. I don't have internet anymore, it's very sad.