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  1. Turtle, you're so much prettier than you used to be.
  2. Thank you! I've had a bottle of wine and 2 martini's.
  3. really know you? I guess I'm getting a little wasted and macabre... serious? Does anyone know everything. You know, all and they still unconditionally love you as a friend and/ or more? Does anyone unfortunately get it all?
  4. Sexy poker player who um..... really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, hates text messages but likes boobies and Patron.
  5. haven't been crabbing since the 80's, but I think there was a boatload of pot involved in that too Oh, mind bleach needed. Oh yuk.
  6. Slow day baby? I just mean.... dude- you're like showing rat photos.
  7. Happy Birthday Arthur! Hope you have a wonderful day sweety. I'm not going to flash you or anything else from Connecticut but if you want to imagine it for a happy well then, by all means, do it. Just forget I'm a nun.
  8. This was posted a long time ago. You reposted Squeaky.
  9. I missed it but Happy Birthday sweety!!
  10. You know... when I first saw your screen name years ago, I thought to myself... why does this guy want us to know his turtles peed??? Feel better soon.
  11. Watching Sweeney Todd ruined them for me.
  12. See? At least I don't have road rage. I just inspire it.
  13. Wait. Hold up. You've actually seen ovaries with TEETH????????? For real? As in, in the field clinically?
  14. oooooo I should have thought of that one! Be hard to top it! I so prefer the term "banana hammock". Shane's banana hammock just isn't fitting as well as it used to...
  15. What? I have never had a drink with you! Ever! LOL. And I was hoping to see you soon, we have to be... healthy? What about when McBeth and I visit you near Thanksgiving? Will you have the all clear sign then?
  16. I get Bed, Bath & Beyond. (Yes, I'm post-whoring on a Saturday again, have freaking pneumonia AGAIN less than 30 days from the end of school no less!!!) But, I have to agree that the Bridesmaid dress shopping thing is cruel, you must have been very naughty indeed to get dragged there! LMAO
  17. Smart man. Even though she said it, doesn't mean she's not going to be pissed at you for taking it literally. Billy, that is by far one of the most intelligent things I've ever read you say!! Wow, you are really starting to get your woman aren't you! She's a lucky girl.
  18. Sweety why do you need a wingman?
  19. No, a serious man cave calls for equipment that would not mesh well with a traditional feminine sense of decor and might kill you if it fell over. Perhaps a 220 pound CRT projector which resolves 1920x1080p suspended over the couch with unistrut and 3/8" all-thread. Perhaps 46x13x16" actively tri-amplified main speakers designed for a clean 105 dB SPL. Perhaps a half dozen power amplifers that together weigh as much as you do, with pieces of scrap wood providing clearance for the heat sink vents. I only had 3 cubic feet with a 14.5" driver for sub-bass but it was a start. Some of that equipment would be built with your power tools and soldering iron. Some would need your Super Sawzall to install. It would be a work in progress like your classic car. Working well enough to drive, but with missing paint and exposed wiring in places. That's a man cave. A 50" flat screen hanging demurely on the wall is something you put in the bedroom, opposite your canopy bed with 12 pillows, comforter, and bed spread. Something that you install in an afternoon using only your wife's tools and her help lifting. Having become domesticated, I speak from experience here. Definitely don't have that kind of room in my condo. It all sounds sort of sexy to me. I don't know why it's just for guys and stuff. [pouts] Congrats my favorite original cabana boy. You deserve it handsome. Big smoochies my friend.