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  1. Enjoy!!! 'Shell
  2. AnalMike DrDive Happychick & Jim Lady Diver Monkycndo NWFlyer Shell666 SuperDean & Stephanie TallGuy #10 in a row for Lady Diver and I. 25 in a row for me.
  3. Sorry to bring this up, but it seems that now all the solutions mentioned are not working. Since my post was from 2006 I'm guessing that 9 year old solutions Are long gone. 'Shell
  4. Very much like the March 2005 RCMP shootings here in Mayerthorpe. 4 killed. Sad sad day in Moncton. 'Shell
  5. And the cat. You should get rid of Nasa too. Sheesh! People are silly, aren't they! And your little Jessa is a DOLL!! 'Shell
  6. Aussiechick DBCOOPER Dr Dive Kdub Kingbunky (50% chance at this point, might bring Jon) Ladydyver Lucky Mad John Mike Parker Mike Poulson monkycndo NWFlyer Pattersd Shell666 Spoon TallGuy 'Shell
  7. As BillVon has said ... The weather's terrible The skydives SUCK The beer is warm And there are TOO many FUCKIN' Canadians!!! Yep, that's LP. Take it or leave it. But if you leave it, you won't enjoy it!! xoxox 'Shell
  8. HUGS to you Jeanne! Get well soon! 'Shell
  9. Yes, they did miss a great time. NO water landings, NO reserve rides and NO injuries (unless you count hangovers!). Thanks to EVERYONE that attended and helped at the event! You were all very patient and accommodating! Looking forward to next year (tentative dates are March 3 to 13). Don't miss out!
  10. Under all that dust, sweetie, it was RED ... like your heart ... 'Shell
  11. That is UGLY!!! I've owned two Grand Cherokees ... my 1998 Grand Cherokee Limited that I gave to my dad when I got my 2007 Grand Cherokee Overland. Both purchased used but I couldn't afford them when they were new! If this is the future of Grand Cherokees, I'm keeping my current baby till I DIE!!! Here's my 2007. The 1998 is FIRE ENGINE RED and in awesome shape!! The photo attached isn't my old one but looks just like it. 'Shell
  12. Yes, we do! We'll be SUCKING BACK cerveza on the beach! 'Shell
  13. I wear them all the time... For cycling Canadian + Arizona + leg warmers ??? No wonder they kicked you out of Kuujjuaq I cycle in the 30s and 40s in the AM here :p (49F = 9C). You've gotten soft .... princess .... 'Shell
  14. I love my Olympus Stylus Tough. While it didn't exactly survive THIS video, it's a pretty good little camera! The Tuckerfied camera still works, but the screen is SHOT!!! I bought another one and so far, boxers willing, it's doing fine!! 'Shell
  15. Party planner! Work at the Ewe of Eh as a Conference Services Supervisor. Get to plan events and conferences. Work with the most AMAZING people all day. I LOVE my job!