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  1. Okey Dokey you guys. I'm off to drive to the Sound. And believe me, we had a snow storm yesterday so it's going to be extra snowy and cold. Extra cold. Gulp. Pictures of blue swedishcelt's to be posted later.
  2. sometimes love is unexpected and you wouldn't consciously choose that person to be with, choosing to be with the right or wrong person though is a choice... wait, be patient and the right one for you is clear...people always show who they really are eventually- just my opinion though...
  3. I did! Thank you EVERYONE who donated! You should be all very proud of yourselves for doing a real cool thing!
  4. Grrr. At least women have a true physiological reason to act like that. What's a man's excuse?
  5. I won't be alone, I'll be with about 20 friends having dinner. None are snuggle buddies though. LOL.
  6. Yeah, send her to me. She can scream all she bloody wants to. It won't make any difference to me. Did NO one see this one? It's mad funny! LMAO
  7. 1971... I'm an Aquariboar? How attractive...
  8. Which is why he would come closer to seeing them than the rest of the guys in here. He might think it's a nice rack but I don't have to worry about him having any naughty thoughts about it. Thanks Keith sweety!
  9. He can't cheat now. He's got a tomato. Or a cabbage... or something.
  10. Um... thank you but no thank you? LOL. I had a physical lately and my cholesterol and bp are low and awesome so, I'm just going to take the plunge. I hate cold. I'm just doing it for the charity, not the endurance. LOL.
  11. Ah! I just got home from work at 10pm! Thanks so much everyone!! What a nice surprise!
  12. I thought so - but how old would that make you? So now we also find out you have been lying about your age. I don't have any ticks.
  13. Yes. Yes they did. For my b-day the mods gave me a lot of special privileges just for a small amount of time and I carried out a ton of mischief. Guess who is near the top of my poo list too... Bwahhhahahahaha
  14. Hey, this is a quick reminder to those who asked me to remind them later in the month or early Feb.
  15. We Aquarious have to stick together!! 5 days only girly!! HAPPY FRICKING BIRTHDAY!!