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  1. I know this as "Men´s Tequilla". You sniff the salt through your nose drink the Tequilla and then put the lemon into your eye or the eye of your buddy next to you. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  2. Nice idea. Can´t wait to get my parcel via drone-drop... see my flat, it is on the left side with the decorated window ... (see pic of our neighbourhood ...) Maybe Amazon might learn from the Army, the tested Air delivery with more or less success ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjF8ju7YeLI -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  3. Chuck, excellent post! You nailed it. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  4. Hi, maybe this helps ... Austria close to Vienna: https://www.paraclub.at/en/licensed-skydivers#/?_k=5pduif Graz: http://www.oefc.at/cms/main/kontakt Germany Eggenfelden: http://www.skydive-exit.com/exit_e/ Colibri: https://www.skydive-bavaria.com/ Nuggets Leutkirch https://www.skydive-nuggets.de/en/fallschirmspringen-in-bayern.html -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  5. So now for my 20 cents ... visor: as you use a G3.. my experience is that it is not unusual for this helmet to fog the visor. I removed all liners in the front/mouth area, still foggy in cold/humid conditions. even anti-fog spray doesn´t make any spectacular changes (maybe I should use the alcohol advice for cleaning, I just used alcohol in a different way ..) my solution is to open it up during linestretch (Crossfire2) or right after checking the airspace before doing something else... but I suppose on a ride like this, you think about everything else than just to open the visor .. canopy: you fly the Skylark one? "Odyssey – modern 9-cell fully eliptical high performance canopy. Recommended only for experienced canopy pilots!" So much for the thoughts what happens with swing/shifting weight in harness, symmetry, .. Saw your cutaway with the Sabre2, similar twist but more forgiving .. RSL: can´t provide any input here, except that I only know it with the tab towards the jumper, not towards the riser.. again something new to learn and take care of .. the canopy ride (my pov): If I would pitch at 1000 meters, the opening wouldn´t be finished at 800 meters. but I fly a Crossie .. 0:25 > symmetrical risers, no tension knots visible 0:30 > twists in right steering line visible 0:31 > on the left side also why important? twists in steeringlines contribute to tension knots solution: untwist them 0:31 > you grab both risers on the left side (not only the rears) 0:34 > pull the right rear, not both .. 0:36 > release of right toggle speeds up rotation you stated to know most of those issues, that´s the good part. improvement: review your packing method may help. seeing that linetwists are not uncommon to you, keep in mind that a highperformance elliptical puts you faster into trouble. untwist your steering lines after every jump if neccessary. take a canopy course if you didn´t have it already, focus on flying HP canopies (not focus on landings only ..) practice riserturns on hop-n-pops to get familiar with that on the Odyssey (should come with the canopy course). try everything to ensure the visor to be not foggy again talk to an experienced rigger about that RSL issue, might save your life. pitch higher. get toggles in contrasting color. Note: this is my personal view and not the ultimate wisdom. maybe I saw something wrong due to the quality of the youtubevid or to the lack of coffee .. glad you survived and good that you be so open to discuss. I guess at round 800 jumps, I wouldn´t have done that because I was the best in the world those days ... and immortal of course ... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  6. We were testing communication devices not for skydiving, but for tunnelcoaching. Using a standard PMR intercom with PTT was not bad with an earplug (see pic) for the flyer and the coach outside of the tube. With the coach inside of the chamber right next to the flyers in the tube, however, the noise in the mic was too high. On the other hand, standing in the visitors area and talking to your "hand" was a little funny ... I guess a bluetooth device which can be easy switched for the flyers (> Audiblepocket ...?) in addition to a noisecancelling mic for the coach would be a nice benefit in tunnelcoaching for beginners. For freefall, I guess CReW and Wingsuit will fit more into that as for FS or FF dives... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  7. The link to YT was more to explain how you get the cutter to fire ... And to hear how loud (or not) the sound is. (for the guys who "can hear" the noise of an AAD fire when seeing an activation in the sky...) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  8. Look and hear ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIX4RxQRS0c Cypres -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  9. Email Cypres and they will tell you .. let me guess: the answer is > no paint in any case .. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  10. That´s customer orientated .. Nice! -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  11. And on my way back home, I made some pics from the construction site in Neufahrn. This tunnel is on the opposite side of munich, just close to the airport. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  12. So as I have been to the Jochen Schweizer Arena (JSA) this week, a short review ... First: the Park itself is amazing and even it is not 100% finished, the organisation works well. The facility is, even still under some construction, very nice and modern style. See pic. The staff at the entry and of course at the tunnel-desk is absolutely great. Even in busy times, they are cool and helpful. They squeezed me in for 15 minutes flyingtime between two firsttimer groups, just in rotations with a kid in a morph-suit ... Crazy times .. Entering the tunnel is a bit like Bottrop style, two door entry to the tube. The airflow is fantastic. very smooth and laminar. The tube itself is huge and round. Operators work good, they always keep an eye on you to adjust speed if neccessary. Sum it up: not the cheapest one I´ve been in, but a very, very good one. Absolutely worth a try if you in that area. Also the staff at the restaurant and the quality they serve is awesome. Cons: as they are not completely finished with all the technical stuff, you need to phone or email to see what timeslots are available. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  13. +1 add another 15 minutes, do a pre-aff-instruction and be more relaxed during skydiving .. ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  14. Well, quite a lot since 1981 .. Citroen GS Club 1.3 Ford Escort 1.3 Mercedes Benz 200 D Ford Granada Coupé 2.3 Audi 50 Peugeot 405 (for 3 Days, Engine fucked up ..) Mercedes Benz 230 E Mercedes Benz 280 E Chrysler LeBaron 2.5 Convertible Suzuki LJ 413 Ford Sierra 2.0 VW Bus Camper 2.0 (Skydiving) ;-) Mercedes Benz 190 E 2.0 Mercedes Benz C 220d Stationwagon Mercedes Benz GLK 220d 4matic Mercedes Benz GLK 220d 4matic (Facelift) Mercedes Benz GLC 220d 4matic (current) Motorcycles: Honda XL 500 Honda CB 750 four Suzuki GS 650 G BMW R100RS -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  15. If you fly the Millenium Falcon, you don´t care about "Taxiways" .. Or maybe Chewie had distracted him because of a possible stormtrooper-attac? Those damm´ Boeings sometimes look like an AAL ... See the pic as he was in contact with the ATC .... "did you say 2L? I say: Don´t fool me. I know it´s a trap!!" -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  16. What do you need to reunite The Beatles? > a gun and two rounds What does a one-armed man look for in a mall? > the second-hand store "where is the terrible neighbour, you´ve told me about?" > "in his garden .." "I can´t see him anywhere .." > "Oh, you have to dig a little ..." Man comes to a pharmacy and wants to have a box of cyanide. > "Sorry, I can´t give you that" the pharmacist replies ... The man pulls out a pic from his wife and shows it to him. > "Oh, I didn´t know that you have a prescription ... At a Bar, two Girls are giggling, one of them asks the other one about her new boyfriend. She says: " Well, he is great. I took him to my family last week for a dinner. I told him my grandpa is a little hard on hearing and I told my grandpa before on the phone that my new boyfriend is a little bit mentally retarded. Was one of the best evenings in my life ..." " lady, when I serve you a nice breakfast to you while you are still in your bed, I think a friendly thank you would be nicer than a what the hell are you doing in my house??!!" black humor is like food. not everyone has it ... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  17. Long time ago at the gun range, friday evening. The guy next to me realized that his gun jammed, pulled the trigger a couple of times, stopped and looked directly into the muzzle, then turned to the guy on the other side of him (fortunately not me) and said: "look, I guess the weapon just jammed, can you help me?" while pointing the barrel towards him ... Better than a triple shot (nice word) espresso ..... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  18. This one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjoj-nahxbo -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  19. Why not? During the Indoor Base Worldcup, it was all about accuracy and everyone used BASE canopies. Nice landings on target... ;-) I own a Troll 285 and a 265. I would rather jump with one of those than flying with a foil (have several jumps on a foil, so it is known ... more or less ..). When it comes to slider decision, the sailslider for terminal or the mesh for hop-n-pop would be my choice. Benefit: more practice with the troll gives you more experience when jumping from fixed objects. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  20. Maybe Hurricanefactory is worth a try? One in Prague, Czech Republik, one next to Tatralandia Waterpark, Slovakia. www.hurricanefactory.cz -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  21. Sorry, that doesn´t make sense ... What should be the results ...? Advice: go to your local DZ and talk to the jumpers and the S&TA. Then think again and re-structure the survey. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  22. First: this is no stupid question .. I use a tuck-tab hackey (Mirage G3). It stays where it has to be ... Had a freefly handle before, but wasn´t really feeling comfortable with that. The hackey gives me the best of two worlds, secure stowed and easy to grab. But my sport is 99,5% FS and only few FF. Watching the headdown/anglefly/track/sit/whatever-flyer at our DZ and other DZs as well, a tuck-tab hackey or freeflyhandle would be my strong recommendation. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  23. As my lawyer always says: it depends .. In my opinion there are two different views in that issue. First: Wendy is absolutely right, it is a safety thing. Especially if you are new to the sport, a suit is one item which covers a couple of possible hazards. Handles are there where they should be and if you imagine a nice piece of sweatshirt flapping around your pc-handle at pulltime, this puts a lot more adrenaline to your blood than a triple shot espresso. if you then realize that this sweatshirt covers your cutaway and reserve handles as well > wooha! Serious: a jumpsuit usually eliminates this and your nice trousers stay clean during grass landings ... Second: Fallrate, Grips, Booties and other things, talking about formation jumps with others. During AFF, you learn to increase/decrease your fallrate by arching more or less. A jumpsuit is a tool to adjust your personal fallrate to an average one (more or less, depends on your shape/weight). Means, you may fall in an average rate in neutral position, so you have range for faster and slower if needed. Also a jumpsuit has grips and booties. Grips for a good connection for turning points ore have a solid piece of fabric to hold on to between you and your friends. Booties help you for faster turns and better tracks. However, a good track needs a lot more other things than big booties. If we look at Freeflysuits, those help to adjust fallrate and ensure good airflow for steering your body and doing clean manouevers as well. If you rush through the air at headdownspeed, every flapping shirt or jeans disturb your performance. In a sitfly, reaching out your arm for a handshake in a large sweatshirt is more challenging ... But if you don´t participate in any of the disciplines, saying that you jump alone and just hang around in freefall, it is still the safety issue. If you look at the competitions, there is a reason why everyone wears a suit, don´t ya think? But what do I know .... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  24. The JS amusement park (surfing, indoorskydive, outdoorsports) is a co-op with EADS. It´s not only the tunnel, it is an indoor-surfing and outdoor activity (climbing) facility also. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  25. Great. Another one ... I´ve missed the Fly Station in Neufahrn .. http://www.rank-bau.de/Neubau_einer_Skydiving_Anlage-1-9-43.html And it is in the north of Munich, close to the Airport .. ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well