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  1. Pobrause pointed it out very well. My suggestion in addition: go to your local DZ videodude and ask him. He should know and be able to answer most of your questions. Do some trainingjumps with him and let him capture those jumps. Rehearse your EPs, climbouts, exits and pull sequences. And remember: a videoman is like a Ninja. When it comes to action, no one knows that he is there, but everyone tries to kill him .. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  2. German Army is about to rent some of these .. http://augengeradeaus.net/index.php?s=Skytruck rough translation: Army intends to rent some of these from a german contractor, who is about to buy some of them. Flightcosts are cheaper than using a Transall (surprise!) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  3. right as I understand the WS-world ... I suppose some of you missed the point of the starting question. Or I do .. Why pull at full flight? As my friend Ulli died in that accident in Italy, the conclusion was that the fabric of that wingsuit was wrapping around his PC-handle. this happend due to the collapsed wings and made it impossible for him to pull. He tried to find the PC handle and impacted. I guess (as I have only very few WS jumps) that with a smaller WS, that would not have happend. Also it would not have happend in that way if he had pulled in full flight (we think ..). As that was a BASEjump, he had no chance to go for silver. So for me, with bigger wings you should consider a different way of pulling and be aware what kind of burbles (PC hesitations, etc. ..) or highspeed stalls of canopies or even WS-stalls may mean to you. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  4. If you are not under the influence, that is ok ... How do you know that? I guess it is as a lawyer will argue: it depends .. go and check the medical issues how the absorption of alcohol in a body is to be determined. it depends if you are female or male and your weight for instance and what did you eat. Are you taking medicine? How high is the beer "loaded"? That also effects the blood alcohol level. So an overall argument "a beer for lunch" means what? a pitcher, a bottle, a can (which is different here in Germany, but I guess you mean one bottle). An average male may clean up 0,2 parts of a thousand/hour .. means: if one beer gives you 0,3 parts of a thousand, you might be clear after 1,5 hrs. Now it´s up to you to judge whether it is okay to go skydiving. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  5. FAR, Part 105, Sec. 105.7 Use of alcohol and drugs No person may conduct a parachute operation, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow a person to conduct a parachute operation from that aircraft, if that person is or appears to be under the influence of-- (a) Alcohol, or (b) Any drug that affects that person's faculties in any way contrary to safety. FARs Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) are the rules that govern aviation activities. The FARs outline the FAA requirements for skydivers, pilots and parachute riggers. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  6. well, as I frequently visit Prague for Tunneltraining, I guess I may provide some Info. Are you learning in Kolin? what I understood: you are a student you mostly get 1500 meters you want higher exits you don´t want to go to another DZ you use helmets, that don´t fit you wear suits that don´t fit you want to buy stuff for your own Well, I guess there is potential in you but you should think of some kind of prioritization. Just for small info: DZ: (I think, switching the DZ should be considered ..) http://www.skywalkers.cz/en/about-us.html seem to operate a PAC in Most, 120 KM away from Prague http://en.skycentrum.cz/ as far as I know they operate a LET410. Both aircrafts should have no problems with getting you up. Helmet: imho, depends on what are you plan to be after your student career. Freefly or FS Hero. In my Student time, no one was allowed to wear a full face at that time. maybe it has changed, especially in Cz. Suit: see helmet. As a Student, Booties is a noGo here. Once you gained your licence, it is up to you. What would I do at your position? Show up at Hurricane Factory, book some tunneltime for having "freefall-fun" and talk to Venca from Mad Ravens or the other tunnelinstructors. I think they can help you, their network is huge. You may even buy some Goggles there from the shop ... Have fun, stay hungry... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  7. First Question: Student Y/N? Y > not a good idea. I don´t think that will follow USPA BSR for Students. N > still freaky .. let´s see SIM: "Static line (main) 1. The FAA requires static line deployment to be either by direct bag or pilot-chute assist. 2. The direct bag is a more positive method of static- line deployment because it reduces the chance of the student interfering with main canopy deployment. 3. The FAA requires an assist device to be used with a static line deployment" Remember: this is meant to be while exiting an aircraft at 70 kts (+/-) What may happen? > Direct Bag: low speed Slider-up deployment may result in twists, due to the lack of airspeed in filling the canopy. The canopy swivvels a lot. > PCA: low speed Slider-up with a 32" PC will result in hesitations, due to the lack of airspeed. this may cause different issues, also related to stable/unstable body positions. We all know that we jump into zero airspeed when exiting a ballon. But how do the BASE-guys deal with that? PCA or Staticline at BASE is usually done with no-slider main, no POD, 9ft bridle and 46" PC (to ensure enough drag on the bridle/pin to open the container and extract the canopy). Just compare SL or PCA BASE-exits with your idea. can you practice your exit move at a mockup? > sit-exit or standing on the basket? can you ensure a stable, head-up bodyposition for at least 5 seconds? is the attachementpoint suitablefor the SL? > imagine a SL-in-tow .. do you know how to deal with linetwists? If I would think about a SL jump from a ballon, my solution would be the direct bag setup. ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  8. Very, very, very professional staff and facility. Always superfriendly and helpful. Cheap prices, summer-discounts and a great restaurant. Locker-rooms are huge and clean, also showers included. The sportflyers are separated from the firsttimers, so everyone has its own space. The timeslots are clear and the infosystem is perfect. You can watch the flyers via LiveStream on their Website to see what is going on. Hotels are available, cheap and in good quality around the location. Tesco-Mall is in walking distance and offers 7days/week all things you need. Prague is for flyers and family or friends a great place to be.
  9. Less drag... Imagine your forward speed and a large slider uncollapsed.. No idea? try to hold it out of a sunroof or out of a carwindow at the speed you fly your canopy. Of course if you go with more speed (smaller canopies) you would recognize more drag, but also on larger canopies reducing the drag is a good idea... why? speed is lift.. therfore reduce all the drag you can reduce (pilotchute, slider,..) Gives more performance when it counts: the landing... And also in your gliding distance... Full glide is only full if you do not slow your canopy down by fabric or brakes.. ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the input.. Now I have a more clear vision how to start and practice.. ;-) I guess there will be some funny scenes on vid and hopefully only small bruises ;-)) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  11. Hi there, my team wants to start with launching 4 ways from the door into the tunnel... After walking in, taking grips and start flying we intend to switch to the next level .. Any hints from experienced tunnelflyers? (positioning, timing, ...) We are preparing our easter-camp and are eager to test new funny things to improve our skills... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  12. Fehrbellin is also close to Berlin. They operate a Supervan and have every facilities a jumper needs. Friendly and englishspeaking as well.. http://www.funjump.de/skydiving_near_berlin Would be my first choice and recommendation. Greetz... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  13. It always depends on the individual circumstances.. Sitting next to the door, know how to operate that in emergencies and be quick on reaction is for sure not a bad plan... If not able to sit next to the door, think about that the persons in front of you should know how to react... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  14. You´re right.. It was in the current Parachutist issue.. Short: if pictures (or stories) like this will come to the manufacturer´s knowing, they will cut the licence of the TI.. Including hanging from the cheststrap of the TS, standing on the rig,... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  15. They flew with their suits between the skyscrapers and opened lower than the top of the buildings... ;) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  16. Hi folks, just imagine: after a good day jumping, you fall asleep and start dreaming... you and 14 of your friends are in the third floor of a highrise. a large room, smooth red carpet, catering, aircondition and a look at the skyline. the manager asks, whether you need something else. no, thanks. all is fine... you look out of the window and you start to discuss, what building you should jump... let´s take the highest one... you grab your gear, walk across the road and the chief of security welcomes you, guides you and your friends to the rooftop. once you are there, he asks if you feel comfortable and the general manager of that building says a warm good morning to you as well, wishing you good jumps.. the winds are calm and the exit is about 800ft above the streets. a short call over the radio and the support crew down on the street walks to the policecars, standing in the streets for security. immediately they place their cars on the street for you to stop the traffic on the mainstreet, just in case you should miss the large landing zone in front of the exit and you need extra-space to land. you smile, wave to the media and then you jump. nice freefall, straight opening, cool canopy ride between the buildings and a soft landing. you look up to the exit and one after another comes down from the exit, smiles and after everyone has touched down, the police opens the street again, smiling to you and wishing you luck for the rest of the day. you walk back to the lounge where you can pack your canopy and after finishing your packjob, the story starts again at a different building just within 10 minutes to walk.... just a dream? NO! this happend in frankfurt right at the last weekend during the skyscraperfestival. a group of 15 jumpers from allover europe set a new standard. 10 different buildings was the goal. and we did it. the owner of the buildings agreed with the project and with official permission we were allowed to perform in front of thousands of spectators. without any incident the festival ended after two days with a wingsuitperformance done by hannes, james and robert out of a helicopter. with a trail of smoke, they flew between the skyscrapers and showed outstanding skills. the crowd went crazy, seeing three flyers coming down after a perfect flight with a tiptoe landing.. this event, organized by hannes and ecki from the german base association, was the most impressive adventure I´ve ever been into. words can hardly describe the moments we had... just unbelievable... delegations from all around the world were watching all events to check, whether this will fit into their countries as well... we did our best to show that base is a perfect attraction for everyone and we also got the credits from the crowd. thanks to all members of the crew, jumpers and support. to the officials and owners, police and security, helicopterpilots, photographers and everyone involved. one phrase said it perfect: mucho base! all pictures: copyright by katja lenz -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  17. Hajo

    Morpheus He?

    best way to find out: ask! why not the manufacturer? should be the best source.... try: kathy -at- baserigs.com -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  18. I´m 43, 8 years in the fxo-sport (17 years of skydiving). ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  19. hi faber, the guys from southsidebase.de have a carry-on SL system to buy. see: http://www.southsidebase.de/50144396410e50e0a/50144396410e51e10/501443975f0f02712/index.html it is in german but the pictures show how the SL is working -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  20. I am ;-) this will be THE party of the year. for fxo, pm me. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  21. hi martin, how is the mood in the valley? I requested some info from the SBA, whether we should avoid going to LB at this time. unfortunately I get no answers from the locals. did you meet some of them, what are they saying? how is the behaviour of the townsfolk there? friendly as ever? greetz, hajo -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  22. klaus renz and mahle (jürgen mühling), both from germany hit the dead center 6 times in a row. tobi scherrinsky (germany) on rank three had a few centimeters in the last round. but the kiwis flew f... good. they made it almost to the top. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  23. not really. officially it is a "B". we never heard about an indoor bridge with that height serious. for the law it is inside of a building. so the rules are slightly different to outdoor-jumping. lucky, isn´t it? and the dome is amazing, indeed. greetz, hajo -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  24. ? can you translate this to english, german or spanish please. I´d like to understand what you mean.... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  25. this weekend, the first german base-cup took place in the tropical island resort dome. (www.my-tropical-islands.com) 30 jumpers from all around the world climbed the 241 steps to the exitplatform inside of the world´s tallest dome. exitpoint is 310 ft above a man-built tropical resort. every jumper could make five jumps, and had to land on an accuracy target, located at the beach-volleyball-field. with one training-jump and the one to honor the winner(s), everyone on the list logged seven jumps in two days. the two winners hit the dead center six times in a row. congratulations. the participants were from germany, australia, croatia and slovenia. thanks to douggs, livia, stane and robert for joining us. most of us meet each other in two weeks for the third official german bridgeday weekend. then we are into freestyle ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well