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  1. fly free brother condolance to family and freinds Stay safe Stefan Faber
  2. Faber

    Freefall 200'

    all aspects of BASE has their places for real danger. I would say headding preformance on slider up jumps are one of the big issues,ofcourse only as a concern if your close to anything you can fly into then you add this extra thing called a slider.. its a extra point than the "keep it simple stupied" more things you can fuck up more things more likely will fuck up by the end of the day we all know that freefalling low stuff is in the real dangerarea.. i just had to write some sh!t as im borred Stay safe Stefan Faber
  3. Faber

    Freefall 200'

    so will slider up jumps,actualy BASEjumps in genneral... whats the point Stay safe Stefan Faber
  4. Faber

    Freefall 200'

    sure would Stay safe Stefan Faber
  5. slider down jumps mainly.. i cant see we people were talking about 5-6 secs of delays Stay safe Stefan Faber
  6. most often i would say that the canopy opens towards the wind,which in wind down the wire will result facing the corner of a wire and the tower,as you have twind pushing you away from that corner it aint as bad as if you get the 90L flying down/into the wire,as you´ll have more speed from wind,you´ll have less time to correct before you fly into the wire. 0 wind is more gambel than wind down the wire(in some degree) i agree,i rather expect an offheadding into or or away from the wind than getting an 165 off in 0 winds.. Stay safe Stefan Faber
  7. you still miss jumping my A its 900ft but you wont see me climb it higher than 400ft wind down the wire usaly is a bad idea,however if you know the place and the delays you can take from there it can be done,even as i would rather get the right winds.. jumping into the wind is BIG TIME BAD JUJU,get a 180 and you´ll be kissing the steel before you can scream no.. Stay safe Stefan Faber
  8. Jason I only make that posible to people who really eat my wife´s food miss ya guys,THAT were awsome,nearly as much as your jump Heya Kate Spoke to Carsten as said we went on,weather is great,still up for funThe big rain aint the problem,we bring big umbrella´s Dride you never went back to us,you forgot to give us your country/area code we cant call ya.We´re still up for a dance in the early morning in time to make it to the airport,your choice. Kate,Ive planned whith Carsten that you guys will visit me soon Er der nøgne damer og topløs betjening? ej glem det,Nikolaj kan ik tåle at se detHåber vi ses snartI er også velkommen til morgen Stay safe Stefan Faber
  9. Hi Kate Tell Carsten hello,im arround Nikolaj this weekend at the same island.. if its rainy and windy lets do some jumps Nikolaj 1 hour from now.. are you sure there sopoused to be holes in my slider?? not sure im gonna do it aloha Stay safe Stefan Faber
  10. I dont like that setup,looks to me that you easy can get burn damegede to your bridel.. i rather ruin my carry on sl.. its cheaper.. Stay safe Stefan Faber
  11. he will like the flik aswell Stay safe Stefan Faber
  12. you told us that your a climber doing more badass things than base,basicly we dont need to worry as you know what your doing.. nope becourse your doing it in away that i dont apply if posts like this are keeping you home then yes,then i know you int ready.. If you feel for this you should kee going for your goal.. You know one day we might share an exitpoint,when that happens i know you understand what i tryed telling you in this post.. Keep it safe stay alive its all that matters.. Stay safe Stefan Faber
  13. well you did act like one... entering a way of life whith not much respect to it will never give you much.. Stay safe Stefan Faber
  14. my condolance to family and freinds fly free brother Stay safe Stefan Faber
  15. I would say you have other and higher places to do it in. What really matter is that you do it in a way so you dont get injuryed or killede,Learning from the internet is bad juju(feel free to pm me,i were there my self,therefore i can tell you its not a good thing to do,you have more options). I dont need to,ive been at higher places whith out rope were i would be killed right away no matter if i had a parachute or not.. Climbing and jumping aint the same,if i confront you that i want to start free soloing whith out any climbing experience and then told you that ive done more dangerus stuff than free soloing what would be your answer? i bet: wauu.. im so honnered speaking to one who think his a bada$$,NOT!!! which means you know more about climbing than i,i therefore should show you that respect instead telling you what ive done elsewere,it wont mean shit to you anyway.. what if you at the exit point realice that the trees below might needs to be conciddered aswell,or the powerlines... Then that info might be handy to know ... Jumping off 300ft/100m whith a clean lz can be as easy as it sounds,adding just a few things might make the place the worst place ever.. People reply to you the way they do as you sounds like a person who might gonna hurt your self.. No one here want that to happen.. Taking all the personal stuff out.. as you want to keep your cool climbing sites safe away from yahoos who might ruin it we als protect the exit points from similar people.. Set up another attitude,think about how you want to be confronted in free soloing,then start ask Q´s that simple.. Stay safe Stefan Faber