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  1. Faber

    Wolkenkratzerfestival 2007

    why is it that i always hear about stuff like that after wards? I live just next to you guys(gennerally i think Germany is rather closed place to the rest of the public BASEgroup) Looks like you had fun..
  2. Faber

    How Far Can You Track Away From An Object?

    I have no idea on how far people track,but would you build a pond from the toe of the object and all the way out?
  3. Faber

    Stunt Junkies Valentines Day

    just dont do jumps afterward that the production dont agree in Personaly i think they showed such bad a side getting rid of a wellknown jumper after his fatsuit-stunt that i never would agree to work whith thouse.. Why? they know which kind ofpersons theyre dealing whith,if they really want to speak to extremsports people they has to acsept they do extrem stuff,if not they should cover other stuff instead.. Good on you guys getting into the show,i hope the effort pays off to that legal jump site,but sorry to say i doubt it.. people tend to speak what you want to hear on the tv..
  4. Faber

    Leave a letter, leave details

    Seans revenge for all the hangovers he didnt showed us he had My deepest respect for what you guys are going through theese days mate. Thanks for your call it really made my day... But as Mac says,please leave notes or be sure that someone knows in case.. I cant belive the feelings Mac and the rest are having first the loss of a great fella then need to dig in his private stuff to get info out.. Keep strong mate.Your doing good.
  5. Faber


    I did get my last skydive 31/12-06,one month before that i had said that by newyear i would stop. I had thought alot about it and it wasnt fun to write the mail saying that i wanted to stop skydiving(here its like clubs were you pay to the club aswell). I figured out that i on average had like 4-8 jumps a year and i mostly did so to keep my licens. I has to say that i really enjoy skydiving but beeing a BASE jumper and amatur photografer i have loads of stuff to use my mony at.. I wont say im BASEjumping hard,last summer Lene and i got our house ive been working alot on it so i havent been out jumping as much as i wanted,also my old injury gives me more and more pain,sometimes its just a bitch to be the lonely wolf at 5 years straight... I found that i had 4-50ish jumps last year not much on what im used at.. My plans are to change that..
  6. well the vid didnt show him walk away... looks like a cool jump to me,i will preffere my BASEgear and my pc in my hand throgh
  7. Faber

    Semi-extreme sport camera setup

    do a search on bullet cam and you will find your answer;)
  8. Faber

    Pinnacle version 9 DVD burn

    i found that Pinnecal often makes erros if the pc works on other stuff than just Pinnecal.. My pc aint small,i dunno why i get theese issues,but try shut down evrything else than Pinnecal as you ask it to render or burn.. hope it helps
  9. Faber

    120' S

    sounds like a bad idea to me... I rather land on rearisers than unintentionly pop a brake while deploying(wrong word i know,but dunno the right word) my canopy.. 460,your right but then again if it really goes bad the big boys will be stronger and more posible survive(well thats my excuse)
  10. Faber

    730 jumps in 2006

    i guess so the offence were that a person that dislike another person were as first thing trying to pull down a achivement.. no matter if 306 jumps were unpacked and off the same object out of the total 700+ i think dosnt really matter. Nobody asked why a aussie didnt pack himself when he did his world record,personaly i dont give a #### if he did or not,i couldnt make 100+ jumps in 24 hours even if i had packers,neither would i be abel to do just the 306 unpacked jumps Miles did off the same off the same object in a year.. I think theres no reasson to pull such achivement apart like that,asking for facts the other way would be ok,like on how many objects,slider up down,unpacked etc etc i used me as an example,i dont care if other than i think i achieved anything aslong as i think i do what i like.. Its all what matter to me. That i takehats off to others is another thing... Peace out
  11. Faber

    Jumping post spine injury

    having no experience whith that kind of injury ill just welcome you back
  12. Faber

    Some Fun During Thanksgiving

    really cool sets of stills and cool family you have 460 is that you on that pic,you has to be old im sure
  13. Faber

    Are you a skydiver?

    at this point i only skydive to keep my licens.. I do think skydiving is fun but also too expencive.. The day i stop BASEjumping i hope to go back skydiving again,thats why i keep my licens,i dont have any skydive gear through and has just about 5-10 skydives a year at this point..
  14. Faber

    Taipei Taiwan - locals,contacts,info

    ill rape your objects while your gone Hope you enjoy your time down there. Plz help Niklas to get a few jumps in so i dont has to listen to him crying on msn al the timehis a head up guy
  15. Faber

    Group Dynamics in BASE

    i think its a bad thing thats it Perhaps as most of my jumps are solos i feel like this.. Dont get me wrong i love to meet other jumpers and jump whith them,but i hate what happens at example perrine were "you aint a real BASEjumper unless you completed in 50 jumps and made serval arials"(well might over dramaticed,but you are americans) I think that people progress too hard as other do stuff then this new person also wants to.. People tends not to beabel to step back or climb down.. how do you trust a person who dont trust his own awardness? But thats my feeling about it.. feel free to flame away if it make you(genneral) better it wont change my mind..