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  1. Boomerdog

    Back after an 18 year hiatus!

    Welcomee back!
  2. Boomerdog

    First Boogie

    FIRST Boogie?
  3. Skydive Radio podcast #201 was talking a little about it. Check it out.
  4. Boomerdog

    Triangle Skydiving Center

    Went to the Thanksgiving Boogie. Triangle is not my home DZ. The wonderful ladies in Manifest had all the paperwork ready and our gear was checked in minimal time. The DZO greeted us and it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance. During the Boogie, student and tandem jumpers got their jumps in along with the fun jumpers. Videographers and photographers were always available to take videos/pictures. Ops tempo was great as jumpers had sufficient time to pack and manifest for the next load. Jump organizers were engaged organizing formation jumps. The Thanksgiving Dinner was a real treat and of all the Thanksgivings I've enjoyed, a Thanksgiving Boogie is its own chapter. This is an outstanding DZ! I hope to be back very soon!
  5. Boomerdog

    The Legend of Roger Nelson

    Five stars without a doubt! Cant' say I aggreed with his "other" profession but he respected and was magnanimous in pay and praise of all the people he worked with. Roger Nelson must have been "all throttle and no brake." It's a great read and a hilarious one at that. I've been laughing my @$$ since page ten! This is a must read for all in the Skydiving Community!
  6. Boomerdog

    Action Therapy: When Skydiving Saves Lives

    Yup! Everything Messrs. Martin and Winland said plus a few more scoops! As soon as one jump weekend is over, I'm living for the next weekend. Everything in between is just "stuff." Once I walk through the hangar door on a weekend, I leave all that "stuff" behind.
  7. Boomerdog

    Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center

    Operating in its first year, Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures (BRSA) is owned by a dynamic husband/wife team whose respective roles as instructor and manifest manager provide a smooth rhythm and outstanding ops tempo during jumping hours. Outstanding Instruction is thorough, challenging but not difficult!! Instructor is superbly assisted by another outstanding instructor who is an Instructor Examiner, FAA rated Master Rigger and AFFI. Both instructors have a unique way of teaming producing a singular and consistent instructional voice. Instruction is in full accordance and compliance with the standards of the USPA SIM. Students are provided a pre-jump brief covering all expectations and tasks required during the training jump to pass to the next level. The post jump debriefs and evaluations are comprehensive, fair, and highly constructive. Instructors are always available to answer questions during times of self study and practice in between training jumps. Be on time for training! Respect the instructor’s time as they respect the time of their students. The training day begins with a rigorous round of emergency procedures. All training equipment is in excellent condition and impeccably maintained. Packing area is large, very clean, and well maintained. More than sufficient notification is provided for the student to prepare for the next training jump. Nestled in between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain Ranges, the view under canopy is spectacular. My wife and I count ourselves fortunate to have discovered Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures for our AFF training. With each weekend, we see new faces of licensed skydivers showing up and we think for good reason. The word is getting out that BRSA is a great drop zone.