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  1. She's already engaged her Congress critter and other critters that might be sympathetic to her cause and a larger constituency of like mind. I don't disagree with you based upon the rational arguments and points but when was "rational" ever a factor in her argument? She's a nuisance litigant who feels the world should adjust to her view, values, accommodations, comfort, and convenience She'll find an angle, however weak or superfluous to carry on her quest. And when she ultimately loses and gets her house and other assets seized to pay the legal bills, this will only reinforce her martyrdom and victimhood. It doesn't stop with people of such a mindset.
  2. Quite possibly! But I'm more inclined to believe "the cause" is more important and she'll find a way somehow...even if it means taking on more debt.
  3. No matter. If the CO Supreme Court does not take the case, she goes to a Federal Lawsuit. If the CO Supreme Court takes the case and rules against her, she'll still "take it federal." Some people just have to piss on the electric fence and once is enough. And then there are some people who piss on it constantly in order to disable the fence in spite of sustaining the incessant shocks. Oh well.....
  4. I hope your right. But something tells me she doesn't think she's done even if she loses on appeal.
  5. I note with some amusement page 12, the phrase "....facially erroneous..." So when the case may be weak, bolster the brief with esoteric adjectives. What a whopper.
  6. Boomerdog

    McTrashy McBeatdown at McDonald's

    OK...three rounds of drinks it is! Not sure I'm going to make it out your way though.
  7. Boomerdog

    McTrashy McBeatdown at McDonald's

    OK let's have some fun! $20 says one or all of them does some time. No suspended sentences. If they get a suspended sentence, probation, fine, you win. Time in jail with or without fine, I win. PM me your address and I will gladly pay up but the converse also applies. You game?
  8. Boomerdog

    McTrashy McBeatdown at McDonald's

    The trial and ultimately sentencing judge is going to see these mug shots. They've all flunked the attitude test and they'll get their remedial training with a few months in the crowbar hotel; fashion limited to orange or alternating black and white stripes. This is going to be fun to follow this case.
  9. Boomerdog

    Lest we forget...

    Perhaps it's worth remembering EVERYDAY our lucky asses get to live our lives in this great country.
  10. Boomerdog

    How did everyone get into skydiving?

    2011 Christmas gift from my wife was a gift certificate for AFF-1. Never saw that one coming and to further the incredulity of the gift, she tells me she's going to do it too. The gift in large part was a result of an ongoing battle with cancer that I finally had won a few months before but left me in a few pieces as they say. We had a long talk a few months down the road and decided that "one and done" would not be wasn't. Four years later, we're still at it. Happy we did and not looking back.
  11. Boomerdog

    Just asking Turtlespeed.

    Who loves ya baby!
  12. Boomerdog

    New in MD - chomping at the bit

    May I humbly suggest that the sky become your playground and not your limit. See ya at Blue Ridge!
  13. Boomerdog

    From Playboy to parachutes!

    Mercy.....! Mick Jagger had her clearly in mind when he wrote "Start Me Up." "You make a dead man...." Maybe it was Keith Richards who wrote the lyrics!?!? Whatever.
  14. Boomerdog

    Army Humvees Burn In During Airborne Drop

    I've been in five military parachute rigging facilities and in every one of them is "The Rigger's Pledge," and here it is once again. The Rigger’s Pledge I will keep constantly in mind that until men grow wings their parachutes must be dependable. I will pack every parachute as though I am to jump with it myself, and will stand ready to jump with any parachute which I have certified as properly packed. I will remember always that the other man’s life is as dear to him as mine is to me. I will never resort to guesswork, as I know that chance is a fool’s gold and that I, a rigger, cannot depend on it. I will never pass over any defect, nor neglect any repair, no matter how small, as I know that omissions and mistakes in the rigging of a parachute may cost a life. I will keep all parachute equipment entrusted to my care in the best possible condition, remembering always that little things left undone cause major troubles. I will never sign my name to a parachute inspection or packing certificate unless I have personally performed or directly supervised every step, and am entirely satisfied with all the work. I will never let the idea that a piece of work is “good enough” make me a potential murderer through a careless mistake or oversight, for I know there can be no compromise with perfection. I will keep always a wholehearted respect for my vocation, regarding it as a high profession rather than a day-to-day task, and will keep in mind constantly my grave responsibility. I will be sure-always. There's some 'splainin' to do.