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  1. She's already engaged her Congress critter and other critters that might be sympathetic to her cause and a larger constituency of like mind. I don't disagree with you based upon the rational arguments and points but when was "rational" ever a factor in her argument? She's a nuisance litigant who feels the world should adjust to her view, values, accommodations, comfort, and convenience She'll find an angle, however weak or superfluous to carry on her quest. And when she ultimately loses and gets her house and other assets seized to pay the legal bills, this will only reinforce her martyrdom and victimhood. It doesn't stop with people of such a mindset.
  2. Quite possibly! But I'm more inclined to believe "the cause" is more important and she'll find a way somehow...even if it means taking on more debt.
  3. No matter. If the CO Supreme Court does not take the case, she goes to a Federal Lawsuit. If the CO Supreme Court takes the case and rules against her, she'll still "take it federal." Some people just have to piss on the electric fence and once is enough. And then there are some people who piss on it constantly in order to disable the fence in spite of sustaining the incessant shocks. Oh well.....
  4. Well well...hope you're doing well. OK...Google "CPUSA Endorses Hillary Clinton." Lots of hits from news sources across the political spectrum on this subject. I cited one that seems to be somewhere in the middle (US News and World Report).
  5. Simply put, they're what I consider to be far-right idiots. To the flip side, The Communist Party USA (another bunch of idiots) endorsed Hillary. Ho Hum.
  6. Never claimed it to be original...but it is applicable...VERY applicable.
  7. Having read the history books and in light of this election, I don't think the Democrats have been this hoppin mad since the Republicans freed their slaves.
  8. I hope your right. But something tells me she doesn't think she's done even if she loses on appeal.
  9. By 'his,' I take it you are referring to Trump. For the record, I am disgusted. Trump stepped all over his schlong on this one. Instead of both parties making a positive argument for their policies and positions, they also bring up what I would call "show pony victims" of the opposition's actions, policies, etc. The RNC did with the families of those killed at Benghazi. The DNC did it with Khan. Pimping grief to tug on the heart strings of the faithful and the undecided for votes is IMHO, offensive. Now with respect to Mr. Khan. He made the decision to go up and speak. Is he that naive/stupid to think opposition research was not going to vet his history in spite of the fact his son was KIA'd in Iraq? The families of those killed in Benghazi were subject to the same. Finally, as we see form the posts, opinions fall along partisan lines. I'll go back to what I stated previously, pimping another's grief to tell the world your opponent sucks the big one is a bad strategy for all of the risk involved and the craven behavior of those who enable it. My 25 cents and a cup of coffee's worth.
  10. If you wish to believe that, then i've done my job a lot better than I thought! Thanks!
  11. This is an opinion forum. You just disagree. Fine with me. But please don't wrap yourself around the cloak of worthless virtue for may sake.
  12. I'd be careful on this one. New information is forthcoming.
  13. In this video, Hillary dances around the real issues of the Australia gun buy back program but let there be no doubt, it's the type of program she would like to implement and it was a mandatory program enacted by the Australian Government. Understand there are Aussies here on these boards and to them I say, if you like your laws about guns, fine with me. Australia is a sovereign country free to make its own laws and decisions. The goal of the Left HAS always been confiscation. Whether it is done incrementally or with craven force (that tactic will end up bad for the Left and they know it), the Left wants no private ownership of firearms in the United States in spite of any kumbayah rhetoric to the contrary. MOLON LABE
  14. I'll give a few props on that one and got a good laugh out of it too!