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  1. just for info, the vdo (or the members of it) is the only one in germany who can organize legal jumps. 200 Jumps is a good start and there are sure a lot more illegal jumps like the one in munich, where the austrian guy was busted. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  2. Hajo

    Exit re-opened?

    Does anyone know, if the closed waterfall exit in the Swiss valley is open again? it was closed until 31. 12. 2003, 24.00 hrs. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  3. hi everyone, I am the webmaster of the german webpage. I have about 210 jumps and yes it is true, we are allowed to make legal jumps and we have to wear reserves (chest mounted-round ones) because it´s the law to wear one. we managed to get it legal in 1998 by beating the system with its own weapons. we made the german kind of tso on container-systems and canopies with our own money. we wrote an instructual manual to guide licensed skydivers to this sport. we also offer instructional courses. after all, we got the permission from the german skydiving association to jump legally. all we now have to do is the same paperwork as for a demo-jump into a stadium. we also have a general permission for using our specific flight level from the german airtraffic security. means, for official jumps we do not need any further papers from them, we just shoul make a phonecall in front. we also have 3 objects with a permanent permission to jump from, we just have to phone the owner in front and we can jump there on everyday we want to. our sites are not so much as in usa, but we some nice bridges and buildings, a lot of antennas and a few cliffs. only in 2003, we gave about 35 boys and girls an instructional course and they started jumping from fixed objekts. not everyone in germany, but in italy, austria and switzerland, to get the skills for the official jumps in germany. So if we plan our next event, I will post it here. perhaps someone wants to join us. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  4. Great Hospitality, very safe DZ, USPA instructors