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  1. In my opinion the evolution is pretty clear. Better suits or not. during the years we have learned stuff. Flying hasn't only gone better, it have changed during a period of times. To create suits that is not only getting faster or better in performance, we need to build suits that fits in to the modern belief in flying. its the old form of action - reaction... People fly the V2... its fast anf good. but people want to fly even furhter and to start earlier to have more range... here we have the V3... Another religion of flying wants smaller suits so they can be more agressive, fly closer with more control and more safety, doing aerobatics... here we need to fill the need for this group with the Shadow ar Acro 2. Another religion of flying wants to stay up forever and count every fraction of the second they stay in the wing suit. Or they want to fly with other people looking at eachother for a long time not having to actually bother about flying position or tecneque. Here we got the "flocking suits" such as ghost or stealth. The change between V1 - V2 and V3 is not only to make things better4 , its also how to make things fit for the ongoing fashion in the WS world. IN my opinion V2 and V3 ar two uits for 2 different purpouses... But I know Im about the only one that think this way.. Id love to fly both suits but for different purpouses and in different styles. THe thing that is absolutley better is the V3s new inlets and preassure control. Its so clean and the flow over the wings is great. it gives the pilot much less drag and almost no flapping of the wings... /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  2. word!!! but i prefere shorter free falls and shorter timespan in sex. IM an old man with a full sqedule. (not with chicks though) /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  3. Oh and yea. Viagra doesn't make you better in bed it just helps you to stay in bed longer, even if you are finished. back to school boy ;) /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  4. First I dont know shit about cars. I have a Volvo 745 from 1988. I think the Indian (or was it Joe) in this case needs some more jumps ( both from plane and from high cliffs) to really contribute from his old or new wingsuit and actually understand the dynamics of the flying. It will come with experience and knoledge. About the 1900 m cliff I dont know... it long and demanding anyway. I guess a 5 km or something... Its not the distance that breaks us its the time in free fall. I get both bored andtiered after one minute of efficiant flying. Its more fun to play and be dynamic than to push the limits of lift. /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  5. Which indirect makes me the Swedish arrow. great. (Or just another scandinavian flopping f*ckup) /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  6. Well its not that simple. Its easy to say that just because a suit demands a better pilot, there is an error in the suit. If you think about a Fomula 1 car andd compare that to a BMW M5. Both of them are fast cars, teh BMW has a V12 engine and is fast as hell. but the formula 1 is about 100km/h faster.... Pretty much everybody can drive a BMW M5 in 220 km/h on a big road. But only specially trained drivers can drive a Formula 1 in 320 km/h. If I sat in the formula on I would either drive of the road and crash or I would drive it slower or take the curves wrong and loose speed. can you se what Im saying? Over all the phanome is not a faster suit than the vampire no.... their maximum speed is different. But you need to be a better pilot to use that extra speed the vampire has. If you have poor flying skills and cant fly fast enough... getting a Vampire might not be the answer. you might actually fly slower in your new Formula 1 suit just because you cant handle it. As James said. Get a Vampire and try it... you will see. in the beginning you will feal like you are back on step 1 again... but thats how it is. good luck. /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  7. The legwing was a big advantage and it is in my opinion rock solid now. On the V1 it wasnt solid and quite scary to exit with... THe V2 arm inlets were moved up to prevent from being in the wrong place during steep flying. IN the agressive flight position you need to curve your sholders forward as far as possible. This cause the V1 inlets to end up in the turbulense af your sholders and less inflation as a result. THe V inlets were more exposed, but then we found a new problem. During the steep position the pilot pushes the sholders hard on the inlets and they are getting closed by the preassure form your sholders. The new inlets on the V3 is located unerneeth the wing close to the pilots ribs and won't get closed or in the turbulense. THis will create an inlet that is allways open. The Phantom is formed so a pilot can more or less go out of the plane/of the cliff and just stretch the wings and it will fly. Maybe not efficient enough but still ok. The vampire takes a little bit more than this. TO fly the vampire SAFE you need to give it a bit of a thaught on your body position. THe vampire har extentions on arms and legs, in the wrong position they can create wierd things. Also if you want the Vampire to really fly fast you need to control your whole body carefully and think about head/neck position, sholders, upper postial Thorax, upper arm position, lower arms, hands, arm-wing-sticks, angle of hips, rotation of legs and feats, preassure between sholders and toes, preassure between elbows and sholders. etc etc. Off cource you need to do this with all suits, but with phantom or acro its more about angle and stamina. Agressive is how the suit alows you to be agressive in your manuvering of the suit. THe V2 has a straight line from the arm wing tip to the hip. This creates a suit to have an double block form anf can be rotated separatly like a wasp or a bee (insects). With this design you can rotate your upperbody before you rotate your lower body and the suit can creat a cork-screw roll turn. IF you you have a lot of energy in the suit this turn can be very agressive and fast without you loosing your line of flight. other suits has an arm wing that crosses the leg wing wich gives a mor "mono block" form that manouvers more as one pease and floates a bit in the turns. Other than this the inlets on the vampire is created to take wind from the front not from underneeth. This makes the suit better for fast flying or steep flying. this is also more agressive. As I said earlier, You need to think more about your body position than in other suit, IF you want to take the maximum out of the suit. Skills are more about how you understand the suits design and purpouse. To flock dive you need to almost stall the vampire to keep up with the vertical speed. That is suboptimal for a suit that is built to move 80% forward. Then you will be better of flying a suit that can fly slower in a flying position, not a falling position. /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  8. And if you read my answer that is whta Im answering. Unless he isnt flying with bad flyers or if he flyes against him self, There is a great differens in speed. If you are a talented flyer you will feel the difference. BUT the Vampire takes more training and skills to fly, its a more demanding suit to control and absolutley more demanding to max out. The phantom is easy to handle and to speed up. Both are great suits. Another example is when me and a friend flew a quite long flight from a 1900 m high cliff. We first flew with vampires. Both failed to reach the landing cause we got two tiered in our arms. We then switched to Phantom and we could make it. The reason was that we got less tiered from the flying in the phantom. This was the V1. The V2 is not as demanding as the V1 to fly and the V3 is even easier on your arms and the inflation is better Inflation on the V1 was wrong cause the inlets got hidden when you flew in an agressive angle wich is the actual tecnique. On the V2, the inlets got replaced and had a better peformance but not perfect. THe latest model on the inlets that will be placed on the V3 gives a big difference and you can get big preassure in any angle of flight. Vampire is faser and more agressive. Phantom is slower but less demanding on your arms and for skills. /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  9. The fact that you can outfly other people in your Phantom, depends on many factors. I gues that if you were a good enough flyer, you would outfly 90% of the worlds WS flyers with a prodigy. Even the ones with a Vampire. If we just talk about the suits not depending on the pilot we have two totally different suits withboth different styles of flying ad ranges of speed and lift. To fully understand tha aerodynamics you need to talk to somebody else, but the vampire has at least three major things that will make it the fastet suit in this competition. 1. The leg wing is both longer, wider and more effiently formed for performanci in speed. The leg wing is the engine of the suit. The drive forward. 2. The back deflector system with a double leg/back wing, creates the lift and the stability, as it at the same time creates a back deflector to prevent the burble of turbulence. At the same time it inflates in all angles. 3. The straight angle of the lower part of the arm wing creates a long and wide arm wing compared with the smalle and curved arm wing of the phantom. The bigger arm wing with a straight line creates a nicer airflow and more lift. The more lift opens up for you to fly in a more agressive ange wich creates even more drive foward. If dont fly in an agressive angle, these arm wings will start to lift and you will break up and you will fly slow. But in the right flying style these arm wings allows you to use a steeper angle and to let your leg wing drive without falling forward. more than thatthis suit is created for speed and distanse. THe phantom has a semi-long leg wing and a curved arm wing. THe curve is so the pilot safely can grab his/hers pilot chute and still have a with with handles to grab. The semi long leg wing is to have a long driving leg wing but without the extentions that could be difficult to fly with for a low experienced jumper or just for more safety. ----- If you find your self outflying other jumpers you are either a good flyer and should with some training find that the Vampire 2 or 3 is a monster compared with the Phantom, or you should start flying with better pilots and see what happens. Mark that the amount of time in the wiht suit has nothing to do with performance. The time you have in free fall is irrelevant and something for the unskilled people to play with. Speed and distance is everything. If you can fly longer in 2 minutes than your friend did in 1 minute just makes you the guy whos floating in a stationvagon with aking armes. But if you guys like to flote around for the record and do high fives about you 4 minutes free fall thats up to you. well thats about it, hope this told you some about the two suits. They are both great but for different purpuses. /Martin Rosén - Team bautasten of Sweden
  10. Hey. I have about 400 A-jumps and in Sweden teh weather often is crap and strong winds in pitch black day-time and snow is common. Anyway I guess there are good rules and you should probably climb down while the wind is down the wire. I have jumped a lot of wire-jumps and that might be sub-optimal behaviour but still. Ill do it. If you jump down the wire, the wind shouldnt be that strong I guess you jump slider up from 1000ft. Then its even more important not to have strong winds. Also do not take less than 5 secs freefall, you need your speed to create a better opening. I recomend 6 secs from 1000ft. Never aim for floaters or 45 degree angles or anything like that. Aim straight forwad with a powerful push. You will need your separation from alla wires andobjects. Do as you are use to. Finally, you will experience that your body turns up-wind after exit. Dont fight it in the exit. just let your self turn a little bit and then turn back out when you got some speed. Kicking your self around will create more problems than it helps preventing them. Big A:s är pretty nice objects in the right contitions they are quite safe (what is safe?) Just be sure that the wind is where you want it. If winds are strong and iffy but jumpeable, note that FF-speed is a great help to prevent snevely and shitty openings. Plann a lower pull. Make sure that you are experienced enough to plan and calculate a controled lower pull. Dont be stupid and have fun! /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  11. Tie Dye! YES!!!!! icredible! /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  12. Here in Scandinavia we wouldnt even look at it as a jump. To short and to underhung. looks like crap tp me /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  13. can you guys imagion this harnes. look at the leg straps. and think about a 5 sec delay slider down. Im not sure id like to survive that at all! /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  14. That was one of the funniest things ive seen today. I dont think these products would sell very well here in my country for two reasons. There are no high building and nobody is afraid of anything. I saw a video when they ried to advertise for the rig. The girl trying to put it on fucked up so many times doing it right that the guy speaking for the product had to help her, and even then they couldnt figure it out. They would burn before they figured out the harnes. /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden
  15. I have worked with the list for many years, trying to learn from mistakes. We have made a big study from it and the results are really clear. People die from fucking up, cause they are humans.. its human to fuck up. If I go in Id like my name and all details to be on the list, to help others. I wish there where a World BASE Incident List. that would teach us even more. There is a great way to keepyoure name away fropm the list... dont fuck up or dont jump. /Martin - Team Bautasten of Sweden