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  1. If you just want a good dz to jump at, (without beach landing) i would say Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah. Did my AFF there, really good place and really friendly people around the dz. And Kangaroos in the landing area I did a gear rental on a icon with a pilot 168 for 30 days for 530 AUD at MEE LOFT in Brisbane. Koppel that runs the loft is a really nice guy that will help you with everything you need. And Skydive Rablers is about a 1.5 h drive from Brisbane. Have fun mate
  2. If this is for real, make sure someone films it and put it on liveleak
  3. First off, maybe this is a stupid question. But my pilot chute got a hackey handle and i got this feeling that when i'm sit-flying, the pilot chute might just rip out by the air hitting it. The pilot chute itself is not loose or anything but i just got that funky feeling. Is this true??
  4. I'm about 170 lb without gear.
  5. Whats good fellow skydivers!? I have a question about the size of my first own canopy. I have now been on the ground for about 5 months because of lack of money and bad weather (such as winter time in Sweden) I'm gonna buy my first gear during the winter and I'm not sure what to get. My last 50 jumps was on a 168 pilot, i know that when i get back into the sky i will not jump a 168 pilot because of "uncurrancy" and i dont want to break anything... BUT i know that if i get maybe 20 jumps on a 190 i would like to go down again. Is it worth buying a 190 instead of 168 and then buy a 168, or just buy a 168 and rent a 190 for the jumps i need?
  6. Hey guys. I got a problem. I did my aff and got myself to 76 jumps in about 2 months when i was backpacking i Australia. I am now back in Sweden, perfect for the winter... (snow and shit) Is it possible for me to jump in lets say Spain during the winter time with my Australian licence or do i have to transfer it to a Swedish one? (The DZO said could not jump on my Australian in Sweden because i'm a Swedish citizen) And one more thing, they said that i'm forced to to a few AFF jumps when converting (including 2 instructors) which i thought sounded a bit strange. Or is it legit?
  7. Yeah ok. Yep i thought so to but i dont really get why its a regulation about that? The only difference i experienced was that it didnt blow as much in my face... haha.
  8. Hey! I have a question about a thing with full face helmets. I started skydiving in Australia when i was there travelling. I am originally from sweden but have not yet jumped back home. As i read about different regulations in skydiving in Sweden i came over the rules about full face helmets. It is not permitted until you have 200 jumps. (???) The thing is i bought my own gear in Australia and that includes a full faced helmet. I got around 100 jumps in total and about 60 with the G3 helmet. (because the rules were different in Australia) Do you think that it still not gonna be ok for me to jump it? Even though i already jumped it several times? :) I'm asking this because is that case i should really start looking for another helmet soon.