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  1. I just tell people I skydive because it helps my anxiety. Usually leaves them confused.
  2. I had a packjob that I thought was terrible. My son was jumping on my head while I was packing. Opened beautifully thou. On heading and everything.
  3. I struggled with packing as well. I felt like it took me a long time to figure it out. I would pack it at home 3-5 times a week until I got it. Even now the hardest part is getting it in the d bag. I too have a newer slippery canopy. Take your time. Ask for help. You will get it.
  4. I pretty much had panic attacks on the way to the dz. I'd wake up and see blue skies and start crapping my pants. Even in the plane we would be over the golf course and I'd be thinking why can't I golf like those people. They all enjoy it without scaring the crap out of themselves. After a jump..... ugh yeah that's why I skydive and not golf. It's effin epic! The nervous feeling goes away with time.
  5. I sweat like mad too when it's 30c out. I have a towel in my gear bag. This week I have been packing everyday at home. It's getting better everyday. I struggle sometimes at the dz. takes me so long.
  6. I jumped on and off form36 jumps and never had the hang of it. Came back last year after 9 years off and did 50 jumps. I struggle a lot with the same part. My canopy only has 100 jumps on it so it's still pretty slippery. I'm going to pull my rig apart every day this week until I have it down. I'm usually still packing when the next load is down lol. It used to bother me. Now if I'm struggling I'll pay a packer.
  7. May meet in Kamloops for sure on may long! It's the 50th so big bash!
  8. I like my Safire 2. Correction i love my Safire 2. No matter how terrible I pack it the openings are soft and 800-1000'. My last jump last year was student gear, 270 navigator I think. I tossed the pc and bam fully open parachute. Slider slammed down over the stoppers(correct terminology?). Heard myself let out a strange groan. No permanent injury but it hurt like hell. I'll keep my rig in date from now on and just jump it.
  9. Jump 14 I wrapped the pc around my arm then flipped on my back and wrapped it up some more. I pulled the reserve handle and out came a round. This was back in 2002 I think. I injured my knee because I was too heavy for a round. I never really got serious in the sport till last year but did some paragliding in 07-09. I crashed on my 105th flight and broke my back. Now I'm married with a 4 year old but wanted to return last year. Did 50 jumps with no problem. I'm older now at 38 and a lot smarter. My dad hates to hear me talk about jumping still. He was never into it, after my back even less. I finally convinced him to come watch a jump and had a toggle come off in flight lol. Now he wants nothing to do with it. Makes mim too nervous. Even thou he used to ride a quad, street bike ect.
  10. I'm 5'11" and 250lbs out the door. My normal fall rate was 140mph. I had a helluva time trying to jump with others. And I was tumbling. Our awesome dzo threw me an old big guy jumpsuit with booties. Two jumps later my highest speed was 119mph. And the control was unbelievable, exits too. So my Expert opinion at 80 jumps: it's important.
  11. Personally I don't see what could go wrong. Seems like a solid plan.
  12. Nope. I'm religious about my pre gear checks. I check it every jump too. Had a dream about rushing for the plane and forgetting. My wife who usually always comes to watch me jump will ask if my thingy is on. And she reminds me to turn off before we leave too.
  13. At,around 65 jumps I was on my lightly loaded,Safire 2 210. Toggle popped off in my hand. I cnsidered a cutaway, then practised left turn, right turn and flare. I'd also done this on numerous flights. I decided not to chop it and land on rears. I damn near landed it. Next time I might. I was completely unharmed.
  14. I further confuse them by telling them it's how a control my anxiety and depression. And that it helps me relax and makes me a happier person. I kinda like the glazed over confused look.
  15. Lol not an airplane aficionado. I just like jumping out of them. Our plane is old as balls was my point.