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  1. Ya their video shows wingsuit pilots with tens of thousands of jumps. I'm more concerned about the average Joe being able to fly it on it's back.
  2. Can anybody here who has flown a Freak2 comment on its backflying? Still a tail flap? can you fly it slow, fast, steep, dirty, etc.
  3. Can an average joe fly the freak2 on its back without the tail flapping all over? Steep, fast, slow, maxed out, flying dirty, etc. Trying to decide between a freak2 and strix but any tail flap is definitely a no go for me. Any feed back would be awesome. Thanks!
  4. Hey thanks for all the awesome replies! i think a lot of people misjudge the sport and it's safety and of course many know very little about it and that's why they jump to conclusions. I will definitely try some of the aforementioned tips!
  5. People find out I'm a skydiver and the first thing they say is "your crazy" "your insane" and I never know what to say back. I don't know why it bugs me so much but I feel like those people are so close minded that they just write me off as irrational and irresponsible. Just curious what you guys say when someone says that to you? Something witty?