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  1. Yeah looks good. Only problem is the Canon lenses I have which I won't be able to use. But that isn't a deal breaker. How are the Sony NEX series cameras?
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for the lightest Mirrorless around (for my first camera rig). According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Canon_EOS_digital_cameras, the original 2012 EOS M model is the lightest of all Canons, with which I can then use my existing EF lenses. However, it seems like it only uses a wifi remote. My questions: 1. Can any EOS-M camera use a wired remote? for a blow switch. 2. Can any EOS-M camera use a programmed wireless remote? as in to program it to take a single photo every second or a burst in timed intervals. 3. Can any other mirrorless on the market have a wired remote while weighing under 300g? Thanks
  3. PIXIP

    Italy dropzone for weekdays?

    I'm going next week though. But it is great there indeed, I did atmonauti with Marco this year there
  4. PIXIP

    Italy dropzone for weekdays?

    I'll be spending sometime during the week near Pisa. I've seen there are ~50 dropzones in Italy, but does anyone knows of one that is open on weekdays?
  5. PIXIP

    Vector V353 with a Pulse 190

    127 jumps. Just sold a Sabre2 210 (WL 1.0) after 80 jumps with it. PDR 193. a 190 canopy will be WL 1.1 for me. And yes, I know how to use google... Sizing chart does not list Pulse 190 as a fitting model for the rig. PD told me to contact UPT. and UPT said this: "We have found that a Pulse 190 fits too lose in a V353 to include it in the "loose fitting" column. As always, we only recommend the standard fit and it is ultimately the decision of the jumper." So... any experience with it? With a now non-existing-company-supported Electra 190, an early 2000's model old Sabre1 190, and the loose (but pretty new) used Pulse 190 I really don't know already what's my best bet! Thank y'all