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  1. Yes, you are right. Never make mistake as I did.
  2. Hi guys, some of you remember I posted video of my cutaway some 6 months ago. Today we know what happened and I want to share it with you because I want others to be aware of such small issue that can cause cutaway. Combination of Vortex 2 toggles and new risers created problem. Toggles had loose fit into new toggle keepers so while main was deploying toggle unstowed and caused line twist and cutaway. I noticed that toggles are fitting loosely so I added some paper inside toggle keepers, tested it and it never happened again. I asked my rigger to solve the problem. Thats it, I just wanted to share this with all of you in case someone came upon similar issue.
  3. nicsoew

    Top 5 RSL myths

    I had cutaway where RSL caused nasty line twits on my reserve. I was rotating with backs towards ground, cutaway and my reserve went out while I was with in that position. Next reserve I was without RSL, had similar case, stabilized and opened clean with no rotation and belly down. I would not try to stabilize if I was low.
  4. Hey, can you recommend good DZ in Iran? I wanna visit Iran and wanna jump there.
  5. Because....cold. You can't grip anything very well with numb fingers. As a CRW-dog, I absolutely LOVE having blocks on my rears. But it has its downsides, for example more bulk on the riser. That may look ugly on packing, or worse, prevent you from properly closing the riser cover. Also, it might prevent pulling down the slider fully. For CRW, we don't care for the extra bulk, it's peanuts relative to the crap we put on our front risers, and the big-ass toggles we have anyway. And good gloves don't encumber you. If you can operate a zipper with the gloves on, they are good enough. As a matter of fact, having good grippy gloves can help during EP's, since you can get a better grip on cutaway pillows etc. I have two pairs of akando gloves, both pro black, I cut off finger tips on the one pair and they are usable. Main reason were holes on older pair but they are ok for anything except jumping accuracy.
  6. Thnx for advice :) And thnx to all other people here.
  7. Tested it on the ground - result - unstowing on opening. Left brake unstows as it goes by the reserve - friction.
  8. I am using Akando Pro black gloves and they suck. I mean they are low quality piece of shit. But, beside that they are slippery when pulling rear risers. Can someone suggest some good gloves with good grip?! Thnx!
  9. nicsoew


    Well I would go for it for 0$ :D
  10. Not always - I've seen them ripped out on a reserve that uses elastic toggle keepers and from the video and instructor comments it opened on-heading without any brake firing or turning. I will say that the most common cause of blown keepers is incorrectly set brakes though and have seen this often with low experience jumpers. I never experienced this kind of problem until I got this rig!