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  1. If you are prepared to protest you dam well better be ready for the consequences. When law enforcement tells you to disperse the smart thing is to comply and quickly reorganize in another place. That is unless you are having sinus problems and want to have them cleared for you.
  2. I do feel they are unsharp and are muddled but that doesn't mean it will take unsellable photos. Think about the various angles and framing that you still can do with the GoPro. Sure you can't exactly pick your shot, but at 2 fps you most likely will grab that smile/angle that you setup. Basically what I'm saying is good photographers will produce good pictures bad flyers will produce bad pictures mostly independent of the tool used. I'm just showing the tool, it's your personal opinion as if its acceptable for your needs or not. USHPA (Hang Gliding and Paragliding) magazine regularly publishes GoPro Shots. TV commercials, music videos, and TV shows constantly have GoPro footage. Just food for thought. -Trunk Maybe its due to the motion but video footage and stills footage look different in quality. Or maybe its just me
  3. I shot a lot of 4-way so a filter is a must. The amount of crap (sand, debris) that flies off of them is astounding. If you are interested in a filter check this thread http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=807555 the Century .55 is a great lens as well. But technically doesn't meet the resolution requirements for HD. Although its about as close as you can get.
  4. Depends on your definition of wide enough. I will tell you I have been using this lens for a while and its AMAZING (although I need a better filter). With my cx110 with the .5 sitting next to my Rebel Xti with a sigma 15mm. They frame almost identical depth. If you use this lens I would recommend a multi-coat or high end filter to protect the lens from debris. No sense in upgrading the lens if its gonna get scratched.
  5. nope not the same. I believe the HDR is a hard drive which would suffer from the vibrations in freefall.
  6. No need to ask the manager. Talk to the instructor before you enter the tunnel. Tell him what your idea is. Then you demonstrate the ability to fly controlled on all axis'. From there its up to your friend to prove he isn't going to kill the both of you (or make the instructor make a save). After that its up to the instructor. When I was instructing I would see how well you fly, then see how the whuffo does in his/her first rotation. If they aren't a spaz and and sit there fat dumb and happy, then I would let you join, besides with both of you in there at the same air speed you are gonna struggle which means I don't have to work as hard when one of you messes up.
  7. Can't beat L&B's customer service. My Viso got sat on by somebody and they replaced it no questions asked. Batteries last forever and there are a good number of options of hand attachments.
  8. too bad jumps don't count unless signed off by either the pilot of a licensed jumper who witnessed you enter the plane and land under a parachute. So not sure how you get somebody's electronic signature in your logbook.
  9. get video so you can see where you instability is coming from.
  10. whichever one works is the best one. Having said that all 3 of mine were on soft handles
  11. Who moderates this database? Who ever "owns" that database better have good libel and slander insurance. what happens when you bang the dzo's wife or daughter
  12. Contact Mickey Nuttal he is doing lots of camps in Co. Tell him Rhythm sent ya.
  13. have you ever seen somebody hit a pond in a dive? They die just as easily as hitting the ground
  14. 1st court of appeals upheld decision, that it is perfectly legal to videotape police. http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2011/08/30/...ting-officers/
  15. Also I would refrain from calling them "tunnel rats". They are rated instructors and should be treated as such. First time they save you from yourself you will be grateful.
  16. The same would apply on reducing any snagpoints on your helmet. A snag point of the side of the helmet is understandable, as that is where the risers are. My point is if you have stuff flying all the way to the front of your helmet you are definitely doing something wrong.
  17. if you are worrying about a bridle snag on a ringsight you have bigger problems than deciding which side of the helmet to mount on.
  18. cx 130 will have a distorted image in freefall. Trunk tested the cx160 http://www.gethypoxic.com/reviews-tests-hacks/reviews/77-sony-cx160-tests.html since they share the same OIS you can bet it will do the same
  19. Just got my G12 and am loving it on the ground. I haven't jumped with it yet. For those who have been jumping them, are you using a converter lens and if so which one?
  20. Just got a Skysystems HR4 and LOVE it. Very comfy and snug. 2 audible pockets and a small section on the forehead they flattened out for a go pro mount.
  21. since you get them for cost, that might be a decent price. But I can think of a lot of things I would rather spend 220 on like jumps. There are much cheaper and better alternatives to those sunglasses.
  22. I got a quick reply from opteka which I wasn't expecting. They said it is not a HD lens. Guess I stick with the cookie till I can get a Century .3
  23. ok am digging this thread up from the dead. I am in need of a .2 HD lens and was wondering if this would fit the bill. I know the .3 is HD and not quite up to par with the Century glass. However Century does not make a .2 lens. Does anybody know definitively if this is a HD lens?
  24. check the icarus website and match the logo