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  1. Skyrad

    Rev. Jim ~ 1/23/13

    RIP Rev Jim BSBD
  2. Skyrad

    new dropzone in tanzania

    Where in Tanzania? I'll be over there in the next few months.
  3. Skyrad

    UK- help with getting started?

    Hi Tom, your cheapest option is most likely to fly out to Spain o Empuria Brava or Central to do your AFF which is ALOT cheaper over there than it is over here in the UK you should be able to do it in a week or there abouts. The other advantage is that the weather is more stable. If you want to learn over here there are several dropzones (Places where you jump) across the country (Check out the Dropzones map on the dark blue bar at the top of this screen) Generally it will cost you in the region of between £1000 to £1500 to do AFF depending on where you go Spain do cheaper AFF courses than this. Or you can opt for Static line progression which is cheaper but takes longer to get to freefall from altitude. Good luck.
  4. Skyrad

    Skydive Sebastian

    Last October I did my AFF in Sebastian since then I've been back twice more (I live in the UK.) Since then I've been to DZ's in four countries around the world and never have I found a warmer welcome. The staff are great, profesional and helpful always willing to give their time to listen and help. Sebastian is also home of quite a few world class skydivers both freeflyers and RW. The facilties are great and the social life is outstanding. Skydive Sebastian share aircraft with Crosskeys and the aircraft are well maintained. If you're thinking of doing AFF I can't recomendthis place enough, If you've got a D licence, I can't recomend this place enough. Can't wait to return!