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  1. The US should stop being the worlds police force. Let the UN deal with it and see what happens when we don't get involved. +1 Why are our men and women dying for somebody else's cause. Lets deal with our own problems first.
  2. They are not listed on their websites but no I have not called them.
  3. Black rubber bands? Any place that still sells them? Thanks Jason
  4. GL Mikhail. Hope ya find the right people
  5. I have been using the Century .5 with a 30-43 ring on a cx110 for a little while now, and must say I love it! Its actually wider than my Kenko .42. When paired with my xti and Sigma 15mm it matches up very well. Nothing but great things to say about the lens. I do however recommend getting a 67mm UV filter just to protect the lens surface. I can post 4-way videos if you like
  6. Optima II for sure. Way louder than a neptune, plus you can't beat L&B's customer support
  7. "most" people have a chance in the sport. If you give it your all and listen to instruction and continue to listen for as long as you jump, you should be fine. Personality type doesn't really apply. Being shy should not keep you from succeeding in the sport as long as when you have a question you ask it. Good Luck and Have Fun with it
  8. http://www.sportations.com/ awesome!!! They advertise skydiving in Stockton Ca for 199. Well the nearest dropzone is also the cheapest Lodi for 99.
  9. i went with the original vectran lines. I don't compete in canopy so I don't need smaller or HMA lines.
  10. been jumping my 90's w/l at 2.2 almost a year now with a ftp. Aside from the occasional (I'd say 1 in 50) "odd" opening, they open slow and on heading. Can get you back from a long spot or get you down in a hurry. As soon as I get the funds I'm ordering 84's though :P
  11. Lots of great flyers at SDC. Always tracking dives going on. When you get there find SDC Rhythm XP (4-way belly team). We are more than happy to point ya in the right direction or introduce ya around Jason video for Rhythm
  12. If I follow your logic, a student could use a Velocity 79 for his first jump ('cause he has seen it's cool on Youtube), as he has not proven he's not safe under it yet? Nice thinking. Oh, I saw you listed "Swooping" in your profiles disciplines, with 150 jumps. That says a lot. I noticed that also. Was it the heatwave 190 that this dropzone from jumping? If not what canopy was if I may be so bold
  13. What dropzone will you be doing most of your jumping at? I might be able to steer you in a good direction regarding a coach.
  14. elliptical doesn't mean fast. Fast turns maybe, how tapered and the angle of attack will determine downward speed. A stilleto is elliptical but has a very flat glide.
  15. Should have told her to grab a pizza, jump on the bus and come on over. I agree with both of these. I really feel for ya. There was streak I had where I got stood up 7 times in a row with 5 different women over the span of a year. I would say if she wants to get together have her plan it all out, that way there is no work involved on your end.
  16. [reply But that... I guess depends on wether or not he is not too pissed at me... Instructors usually have thick skin and a short memory for this kind of crap. So I doubt he cares either way. Jump there or jump somewhere else, just shut up and get in the plane already.
  17. The packing idea is pretty good, although you could develop bad habits as you don't know how well you are packing. You may be packing line twists or hard openings but I guess if you can do it in under 5 minutes so you can make the next load its all good right?
  18. ME???? that was prob for the OP... but without getting off the couch and checking my log book I'm pretty sure my level 1 was out of an Otter. I remember getting up off the bench and running up and down the plane trying to take my clothes off while yelling, "Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! Help me Tom Cruise!" yeah sorry that was directed at the OP
  19. just for my own curiosity, what kind of plane did you do your level 1 out of?
  20. at 1:38 o the video, you can see a TSA agent in the background checking ID's the video is filming behind that. So I would wager he refused at the checkpoint and was pulled out of line in between the checkpoint and the scanners
  21. She is domesticating with Nick Grillet, in Eloy
  22. so pretty much any pro swooper is at pretty high risk? When was the last time you saw a competitive swooper doing any of the reverse turns or braked approaches etc?
  23. I think everybody needs to relax and go jump. Follow the rules in whatever country you are jumping in. Really listen to the recommendations and suggestions others make, possibly to prevent a bad situation they have seen before. But don't always take everything you hear for gospel.
  24. TJ can coach you in just about anything you need/want coaching in. He does work there on occasion. Guess you could call it his home dz