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  1. The neos is technically ARC braced (3 cross braced but only the center 3 cells). You can swoop any canopy, but learning HP canopy piloting I would recomend either the Sabre2 or the Katana.
  2. that's what I was asking, is there something other than that option? Somebody mentioned harbortronics but I don't see anything on there website,
  3. So I am considering switching to a Sony NEX5, I read somewhere that the port can be hacked to take a switch. Is this info correct or is the IR to 2.5 my only option? Thanks Jason
  4. yes if you have the skill to fly it. booties are not needed for 4-way been shooting 4-way for years and never needed them. a jacket will be fine if you have the right size wing for your weight.
  5. Usually a dz staffer looks at the ID and signs as a witness. Not that most dz staffers are qualified to spot a fake ID
  6. Ask yourself this. Am I that perfect of a swooper that reducing that little bit of drag is going to improve my time/distance/accuracy?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBPoBarPGsc perfect example of why tandems should leave stable oops tried to edit for clicky hopefully a mod will get to that
  8. yeah I'm sure the team won't mind you landing on their backs or necks while they train I agree start by shooting FS, but a lot of teams are reluctant to take a "learning" camera guy on. All it takes is 1 burble and the team loses a member due to injury. shoot the locals doing FS and get good at that first. Start with the 2-ways and work your way up. But understand you shoot FS long enough and you will hit them on exit and will get sucked into the burble, it happens to the best.
  9. you do realize that there are more than 3 manufacturers of tandem systems in the US right? just sayin
  10. well when you have 5 otters running its pretty hard for staff to go and look for a canopy.
  11. geez dude you still have a bay area number?
  12. get yourself down to perris or elsinore, world class fs flyers there
  13. Are there any non SLR's that shoot at 3fps?
  14. contact rob radez from SDC Rhythm XP [email protected] he flys Inside Center but can coach anything belly that you need.
  15. Hey Julius, you forgot to list all the screws you forget to put in the united jets you work on
  16. its not that they don't, they just don't have an up-jumper base, mostly just tandems at both those dropzones.
  17. i traveled with my rigs a lot this season. You don't need to put it in a bag if its a carry on unless you are worried about people breathing on it. I don't carry the TSA or x-ray card. Most "security" agents have no clue what they are looking at so they call over a supervisor. Its possible to get swabbed, but that's about as far as they go with them. What you should watch out for is snagging the metal reserve handle if you have one. If you check the rig, make sure it is in a bag and be sure to pile all your dirty laundry esp. dirty underwear on top of it to prevent looky loos.
  18. uv and something to protect it from debris flying up from the team. Its pretty much used for 4-way looking for something like this http://www.waycool.com.au/protectivefilters52-p-3.html but am not sure if this one will work on the cookie lens.
  19. I was looking for a filter for this lens. Cookie doesn't make one. Has anybody had any luck with one from another company? Jason
  20. Intermediate class does not have blocks 3,5,10,12,16,17 which use slot switching or mirroring. Advanced and Open jump the same draw. Think of advanced as teams that are really good, but choose not to make it their entire life, as a lot of open teams do. In regards to who can do what class. Its a minimum of B license for intermediate and not sure if its C or D for advanced and open. Pretty sure that's correct. Now in order to compete in intermediate/advanced no 2 team members (excluding camera flyers) can have previously taken 1st place in that class. Basically if your team wins they cannot compete in the same class, with the same lineup the next year.
  21. Solo doesn't. Only other options besides the pro-track are the neptune, or skytronic product
  22. Helmet and cameras go in a case, and its checked. Usually carry the rig on.