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  1. LOL great catch guys sorry I did mean a bi-plane
  2. that doesn't apply in all situations. Are you telling me a sub 100 cross-braced canopy and a 126 reserve are going to fly docile in a down plane? I like choice C, arrange them into a side by side and cut away. tricky to do, but do-able. Really the answer is D.... Don't end up with 2 out
  3. It just redirects me to the main FB video page linky no worky! (for me at least) works fine, i think you need to be a friend of the poster.. On Another Note, Mike put up a new "trailer" at the Summerfest film festival, and it quite impressive to say the least.
  4. bad idea. The cx110 only takes a 3.1 megapixel still and the rate of fire is low. Don't short the customer on quality of product. The go pro stills aren't bad you just cant control when it takes them since its a continuous shot on a timer. Suck it up buttercup and use a decent camera to give the customer a decent product
  5. jumping 2 of these for 4-way and having no problems, even in Chicago humidity. But then again I haven't dropped it yet either.
  6. not to debate here but why not just get the RSL and disconnect if needed (sidenote I just camera for a living and still use an RSL) As for the PUD handle thats just a matter of feel, If the pilot chute is packed right the hackey won't move at all. If you are really that concerned about your PC why not just get the cordura pouch on the BOC instead of spandex. I've had that on my wings and have never had an issue with the PC coming loose.
  7. get out to summerfest marcel, huge pond we can put a course on, plus world calss organizing.
  8. I ordered a similar setup from sony. Unfortunately it got delivered 2 days after I went to SDC for 10 days. Will let yoiu know it it works when I get back. I have lots of HD 4-way footage I need to edit. Jason
  9. Depends on what you are looking for FF: TJ Landgren, MX, FS: Rob Radez (spends most of his time on the east coast these days training though)
  10. yeah good luck in texas... if it were in chicago ya could stay at my trailer
  11. you can barely fly that crossfire what makes you think you can handle a jvx ... Does Kirsten know about your suicidal tendencies
  12. sdc rhythm xp is training in sebastian this winter on some weeks. Contact Steve or Janette. They will have all the details... I'm still the new guy on the team
  13. been wearing mine every weekend since I got it (over a month) and still on the original charge. Only gripe is the wrist mount. The N3 does not mount to anything. You feed the wrist strap through the armor, then slip the N3 into the armor. Basically the only thing holding the N3 is the armor. Not that reassuring considering how "retard" strong some of these AFF students will pull on your altimeter
  14. I have stainless on both my wings containers, leg straps have never slipped once.
  15. I agree watching the people who have been around a while, if the "d" license holders are on the ground the 100 jump wonders should reconsider getting on the plane. I've talked people out of getting onto a plane (even though I was going but I was getting paid), and was thanked later on. just to put it all in perspective, at my dz the TI's and video guys (including me) will jump up to 32, but we are all really well trained in jumping higher winds. Thats not to say we dont have ti's not go in those conditions cause we do.
  16. Kris Reynolds is my Hero
  17. And how many hours of tunnel time? sponsored buy IFlySFBay. 1 of 3 sponsored teams (other 2 were VFS). Most of our time was spent coaching not training
  18. wish they needed a camera flyer
  19. dammit why is the camera guy always left off the team list. not to be picky but R4 had 2 busts and incomplete separation in round 1 and a omission video on exit of round 4 (they struggled with the exit and a grip was behind a torso or something the video was there the grip wasn't) Wish people like this would sack up and take off the mask. Yeah everybody can be tough on the internet. Now if you will excuse me I want to go rub my balls with my gold medal j/p
  20. actually i couple of the singapore instructors are working at IFLY sf bay until there tunnel is done.
  21. well hell i never post on here, and all i can say is Tom helped me in ways he never even knew. Whether it was chasing him on the packing deck tryin to outpack him. To seeing which of us could shoot the "better" video, he was my best competition to make me better at everything I did at the dz. It hast really hit me till a week later and dam its hitting pretty hard, here I am having to stop typing every minute to compose myself. Yeah Tom will def. be missed. The video crew just wont be the same without him. BSBD bro Jason
  22. Update.....I got a ride thanks for lookin out people see ya all at eloy
  23. ok so last minute i decided to get my butt to the holiday boogie, problem is i have no ride from the airport to the dz. If anybody will be in phoenix or might be willin to pick me up (for say a couple of beers or a jump ticket). My flight is tues and lands about 6:30 pm. please email me if you can help me out. blue skys jason [email protected] p.s. If i do find a ride i will update this thanks again
  24. ok I am landin in phoenix on tuesday at 6:30 is anybody goin to be in the area I could use a ride? jason