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  1. If you like miracles you better be a pessimist Let us rejoyce for pessimits and yes, hope is the thing with feathers.
  2. Some people run away into "forced" positivism when their unconscious mind generates "negative" emotions, which are properly justified to be generated by the "source bellow the eternal fountain of emotions". It's a thing which conditions their behavior, making them unfit to deal with a wide range of experiences, many of them not bad at all when dealt with properly. It takes a great deal of courage to feel whatever we are feeling and to understand that feeling, thinking, speaking and acting upon are totally different things, with different implications. Wisdom & wits I guess.
  3. What a degenerated world we live in .. ntss ntss. I can't hold this inside any longer. The other day, I was at a supermarket and a 20 something lady, with a body worthy of Play-boy magazine tells me that she'll sleep with me if, hear this folks, I'll promote a new brand of dish washing soap to all my friends. I was perplex to see the lengths that big companies go to promote products! I've refused her right away. I got a strong moral compass and I can resist transient temptations. I am a strong man. As strong as the new Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, with a new formula for fat and spots removal, now with fresh lemon or vanilla flavor. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  4. Hi Jimmy, I'm not doing push-ups, I plan to be able to do them before considering re-packing my reserve, like a check list. Thanks for your advices, it's the right shoulder. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  5. Non-skydivers, they don't practice any sports plus one of them wins financially if I stay longer in the therapy. They might be well intended, key word might, but I'm looking to build a un-biased check list from people with 1st hand experience to my condition. If it rings a bell I can compare my experience with someone who had a dislocated shoulder and got back in the sky. So far I've put together: - Full mobility with almost 0 pain - Being able to do 10 push-ups - Being able to do 10 pull-ups - PLF on the right side I think that should cover hop&pops and some belly work. I'm not even considering a check-list for free-fly. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  6. Hi, 2 months ago I had a separated shoulder from a snowboard accident. I got operated, a metal plate and 4 screws into my right shoulder. Recovery it's going well, I almost got the mobility back. I'm trying to put together a check list for getting back into the sky. If anybody had a similar experience and can tip in to the check list I would really appreciate it. Regards, Jean-Arthur Deda. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  7. I totally agree with you guys. From where I'm standing I'm thinking that if one of the brands focus on mass transition of the wannabe to high end consumers, in the long run they could win the brand war and make more money from high-end. In other words reduce the education cost (compared with what's currently available) to increase the high-end market and then increase the high-end price
  8. In sport skydiving there is a "potential" huge demand for high-end products (peregrine and petra are high-end) but within that "potential" market there are only *few* ready to be consumers for high-end products. The others are wannabe. Given the level of skills demanded by the high-end and the severity of the consequences when that demand is not meet, making the high-end open to the entire "potential" market is un-wise. Injuries, death will create law-suits and will affect PD image/brand. In military skydiving there's no market for high-end. In other words the high-end market it's very very small. I don't know what would it be their break even point for the investment but they will not reach it. PD doesn't make money with their new high-end product. Their drive for peregrine could be passion, ego or something else. If it's passion or ego they wouldn't copy the other business competitors. But I do understand what you mean. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  9. [Dr. House Voice] No, you can't bring 3rd party references or common sense into a brand war! Duh .... When you do that the war fighters feel awkward and weird. Do you understand what you have done wrong? Let me fix this up. Watch this: Everybody knows that PD copy-cat the Petra design that looks similar with some speed-flying wings that no skydiver ever heard about, in an attempt to make lots and lots of money by opening it to a hand picked market .... wait .... that doesn't sound right let me try that again. I'm sure that PD makes tons of money out of those swooping tournaments ... ohhhh .... hmmmmm ... alright 3rd time is a charm. I'm sure that PD makes a lot more money from sport skydiving addicts who buy 2nd hand wings than from the stable military contracts, so the elite swooping team is just clever marketing for the money machine .... hmmmm damn it's hard for me to believe what I'm writing. Please buy this and re-start the brand war .... it's about money and has always been with PD.
  10. X-plane is freaking awesome Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  11. Stickman base jumper Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  12. http://www.nationmaster.com/compare/Switzerland/United-States/Crime More drugs More suicides Less prisoners Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  13. That was crazy! So many things happen one after the other. BEST race ever! Sebastian did it. I realy loved it. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  14. I'm with you on this. It was an amazing race, 30+ sec difference from 2nd place to the rest of the guys. Wow. And kudos to Schumacher for still being apart of this at 44 years of age. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!
  15. I really like Vettel for how well he manage the long time planning but Hamilton did a great job in Austin. DRS makes a difference if the pilot has the driving skills and he got better skills than Vettel. Great race. Lock, Dock and Two Smoking Barrelrolls!