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  1. d123

    End cells slow to open

    End Cells were badly educated. LOL. Low wingloading, slow and long opening, some canopy designs are more prome to end cell closures and God.
  2. > If one really enjoys the free fall and canopy time Skydiving is for fun! We're full of fly savy people that only love their cool image. I pee on them from a 180 twist on landing as I flare with some lines I grab from over the twist. That's fun! They get pissed off when I do that and I find that verry funny because they've just been pissed on. Stay safe and remember:whenever you do things for the others you'll end up being disappointed! Sings to himself: Ba pa ru ba ... da ba ... ru ba .. ba pa.
  3. d123

    Hired Guns VRW-The road to Zion video

    Great work Mat!!!! Looking forward to fly with you man!
  4. d123


    You know that Bill is reading from time to time DZ.com?
  5. d123

    Psycho packing question

    Buy PMS - Packing Made Simple. It's really worth it! However, I've stick with Pro-pack thingy
  6. Great article! Thanks man! 3 things worth mentioning: - can we put this article on wikipedia? - there's a movie with the chuteless jump http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVvMGLJ0xww maybe we can add them to the article? - how do you feel about posting the article to www.cspa.ca/forum?
  7. From a non-technical/common accepted point of view hook turn means what? toggles?
  8. d123


    En Quebec? Je pense que mon DZ c'est un dealer de Vigil.
  9. My DZ is small too (Cessnas) and opened all days, in the jumping season that is. You mean you guys don't have tandems ? That is cool!!!! Can I come jump with you guys if I have stinky shoes or you're going to give me attitude?
  10. I've used KrazyGlue to fix my PD Glove!
  11. d123

    École De Parachutime De Victoriaville

    No tandem factory. Tandems are done from Cessna's while the Navajo(the main plane) is used for regulars. Great Skydiving Vibe overall. Great packers, Great instructors, Great people and a nice plane. All this makes Victo a very friendly place to skydive. Bonfire is freaking amazing and they have this weird habit to fill your beer glass every time is empty. Sometimes the fire is so strong that you have to take few steps back to be in the safety range. Cute girls everywhere (whohoooo) but they all have BF (Booooooo). I know, this should be a cons but since nobody farted in the plane I let this one slide!!
  12. d123

    Rear risers V Brakes glide chart

    Maybe is not what you are looking for but PARIS wing from paraflite has some graphs for toggle input on different WL too. http://paraflite.com/PARIS_ImageGallery.htm Don't know how much you can count on those graphs. Half year ago I've asked the PD guys if they have similar graphs for NAV200 and they answer me that the AIR GLIDE can change up to 15% from jump to jump, hour to hour and so on. I still have the mail somewhere.
  13. d123

    Cool new canopy

    Really Cool !!! I'm happy for you! What's the meaning of the hand and what's the size?