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  1. The 100 works fine for outside video as well. I personally use the 110, as I didn't like the idea of only using memory sticks. The flutter is caused by the OIS. You need a Camera with EIS http://www.gethypoxic.com/reviews-tests-hacks/tests/61-cx100.html Great info on that site.
  2. Century HD .5 part # DS-55WA-37 will need a 43 to 30mm ring for it matches my xti with the sigma 15mm almost perfectly
  3. Depends, did they need to be told twice
  4. Its a full shower house with 4 separate showers on the men's side and I think 4 on the women's side. Laundry machines also in the shower house.
  5. Looks like the instructor was in the wrong place at pull time. Entanglements like this don't just happen with cameras. I saw an instructor get entangled in the PC 2 times in her first 10 AFF jumps. Thankfully she doesn't instruct any more. I do agree with outside video present that the instructor has his camera there for vanity at that point. I have to dis-agree with Dave though. Where I do AFF its all single jump master and video is required to be shot by the instructor. Its not hard to get in tight with the student if need be on exit or pull time. You simply don't dig the top of your helmet into the student but rather the forehead area instead. The camera only shoots the rig at that point but hey its a small price to pay for keeping the student stable. Overall bad by the instructor for not being in the right place and taking a not needed hazard on the jump.
  6. I was toying around with one in Best Buy today. I like the camera but I was unable to keep the camera in a manual focus. After setting it to manual and shooting a burst of frames, on the setting screen it looked like it reset to auto? Was wondering if I was imagining this, or if it does reset? I would like to set the focus manually out to 1 meter and just leave it. thanks j
  7. They are the same except the 150 has internal memory
  8. A lot of AFF instructors will not accept tips from students, for many reasons I'm too lazy to list. Instead of tipping just buy more beer when you graduate.
  9. Century does not make a .5 in 37mm. They do make a .55 in 37mm
  10. check the hypoxic website. Trunk has test footage posted there.
  11. if you search ebay you can find 30-43mm rings.
  12. I think the 110 & up have a smaller thread size. 110 has 30mm threads.
  13. contact skydive monterey bay. The owner of that dz owns the rights to Eclipse as well
  14. As to the OP I get the 2 locking stows and walk the bag right up to the risers and stow the rest.
  15. If you get a line dump you WILL notice "Line Dump" is when there is slack between the rig and canopy. Lines coming out of the bag quickly is not line dump. Otherwise anybody who has a reserve ride has experienced "Line Dump
  16. yeah they are great, but janette is the team "organizer" of all things coaching. At least usually everything gets redirected her direction.
  17. agreed. As I only have cx110s' I had to cut a hole in both the cage and the top plate of the vapor pro to get to the card "easily". If only Sony had the side feed with OIS, skydivers' would have a good camera. Until then its just a matter of preference.
  18. Before you purchase a CX series camera, there is an error in the above statement. The CX110 is a BOTTOM loading camera. However it will take both SD and Sony sticks. The CX100 is side loading but ONLY takes the Sony Memory sticks.
  19. to answer both questions contact Janette from SDC Rhythm XP [email protected]
  20. Dam! If I were single I'd ask for that first date. don't you think the bottom feeders might just pick them apart as they walk across the bottom? Or the water might just wrinkle them apart?
  21. Killing me with that one Marcel! Make sure you call him on the phone and ask 5 questions .
  22. If that, coming from an accomplished Crew Dog, doesn't tell you anything, you've got your head up your butt and you're not listening. That story me tells me that the camera guy had his head up his butt. While swooping is fun and all, it is not required on every jump. Its a privilege we should not take for granted. I am all for making landing situations safer, but until every jumper is on the same page and will follow DZ set rules its not gonna happen. Their are far too many Mad Skillz egos out there, but HP and non-HP.
  23. actually i never said in those instances I was setting up for a HP landing I just said I was waiting my turn trying not to overtake those lower than me. Whenever possible I land in HP landing area's. If I get boxed in I don't go. Simple as that. Even in tight landing area's with otter loads its not that hard to count canopies, know how many people are out before and count them. If you can't find one then you have to make a judgment call. If people don't spiral down its a lot easier. I find most of my traffic issues is shortly after opening when people are fiddling with gear and canopies that they fail to see others around them. Also if the "main" landing area is designated for HP and non HP landings then one can argue I have just as much right to swoop as you do to straight in. However I disagree that a 270 is a spiral.
  24. WARNING! WARNING! Long winded response Forgive me if I am wrong but you seem to imply that HP canopy pilots are the only ones who spiral down risk other peoples lives and are always in the wrong? I am both a HP pilot and camera guy (among other things). So I frequently wait in brakes trying to match descent rates of those around me. Until I know I have a clear shot, where I won't overtake those below me. I have had to abort HP landings on several occasions do to non-HP "pilots" spiraling down and congesting the traffic pattern basically boxing me in with no outs. Most of the time due to my position at the dropzone you just have to shrug it off. If it happens repeatedly with the same people spiraling down, I usually have somebody else (I am far from tactful) mention it to the offending party. So is it an issue of HP pilots flying with reckless abandon trying to kill everybody? NO its not. Is it an issue of EVERYBODY trying to kill you until you are back in the hangar ABSOLUTELY. At least that's how I teach/taught people (including jacketsdb23) to treat every other canopy in the sky. I understand this is a very touchy topic for everybody, but it's a sport wide problem. Not just those of us that like to land with a little zip. ETA: People won't believe I actually wrote this I added some smart ass remark such as: But then again what do I know my Post Count is still lower than my jump numbers