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  1. when i was using a canon, i used a speedlight 270ex ii the recharge with good batteries was good enough to get the job done. now with the sony i havent shot "sunset" loads, i would probably just bump the iso.
  2. Curious about this myself. My sigma 19mm isn't cutting it for anything other than 4way. Will be trying a 30mm and 50mm next time out.
  3. yeah it was an add on option to the camera jacket. Never see them in use, but was wondering if anybody actually used them. Yeah Its a jacket for now, my old suits are tearing apart after 10+ years of pretty hard use. Plan is to get the "C" wing.
  4. Finally looking to replace my 10+ year old camera jacket and suit. Decided on sticking with Tony suits as this is what I am used too. I would love to start sit flying tandem videos so the question is should I have them add the sit fly wing on the back? Never seen them in use so i was wondering if anybody had any experience with them? mostly used for tandems and fun jumping, but would not be surprised to find myself shooting FS again at some point.
  5. I have 2 sony az-1 mounted side by side for and cam using a pivot pad hand cam. works perfectly and can be rotated for user's best angle
  6. try slowing the shutter speed of the camera to get rid of the ripple. I use a neutral density filter in front of the lens. If it is "shutter roll" the filter will fix it.
  7. weight is a factor. padding = weight. heavy object on head plus hard opening = no fun. Plus SNELL and DOT testing isn't cheap.
  8. This is not being marketed as an action camera. The lack of image stabilization is an indicator. IMO this is designed to be mounted to something very stable with limited space available, maybe 360 video or specialty "matrix" type shots.
  9. https://gethypoxic.com/blogs/technical/sony-a6000-skydiving-guide The advice in this article should answer a lot of your questions
  10. 2nd this using trunks guide improved the quality of my photos by leaps and bounds.
  11. quads are definitely about down time management. The prep work must be maximized. 2 years of quads at SDC, definitely made me sweat off a few pounds.
  12. I have used blow switches in the past, jumping from 18k all day can leave me a little winded blowing all the time. besides my wife would prefer I practice my tongue switch not a blow switch
  13. Ah, I wasn't. Didn't realise that's what you meant. Thought you meant the fixed right angle routing of the cable once it comes out your mouth. The right angle actual switch so it is like a T but on its side? If that's the case, that's not going to happen. That's Conceptus' design. I'm afraid if that's what you want, as Conceptus already make it, use a Conceptus! Sorry. nah my sky switch works too well for me to switch back
  14. I was referring right angle (vertical) at the switch like a conceptus tongue switch
  15. look into really right stuff they make great camera mounts
  16. And if an analog did "glitch" unless you were staring at it at the time, how would you know? analogs can be inaccurate also. Just saying nothing is perfect
  17. I had used tape when I first got sony asv cameras and had no success getting rid of the background jello. The wobble in freefall is generally not due to camera fitment. It has to do with exposure settings. I have had asv100 asv200 and az1, they all do the same thing. After inserting a 2 f/stop gel inside the lens cover all jello effect is gone.
  18. going by the sell sheet the as200 has a 3x image stabilization, compared to the az1 which is 1x
  19. Got someone. Thanks for the interest. There may be more test switches at a later point, we'll see. if you need someone to test out the sony multi port I gladly volunteer. Hoping the right angle switch happens soon.
  20. Do any manufacturers besides UPT have this as an option?? Thanks J
  21. not to nit pick but for reason 3, couldn't you just flip the switch over to get the switch to rout the other direction?? I have been waiting for you to come up with a Conceptus type tongue switch for a long time. Finally broke my first skyswitch recently. It last a good long time and lots of abuse.
  22. Guy on the right is an UPT examiner (or was at least when I worked with him). He was always very helpful and upfront when offering advice to newer TI's. Harness on the left looks a lot like how I see strong's harnessed.
  23. if it's so different how come tunnel instructors who never skydive before, then start skydiving and then are super good at free flying at
  24. get good on level video footage of the jump so you can see exactly what your body is doing in freefall. No matter how descriptive your JM is during debrief, there is always room for interpretation. IME debriefing with video has always proven to be leaps and bounds more helpful. Also what are the exact reasons they won't let you go? Poor Arch? Leg awareness? arm awareness? built in turn? start from there.