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  1. Licensed jumpers really aren't welcome there. Nor will you find any. They'll let you squeeze on a tandem load if theres room, but thats it. Nice people there, but they are there to do tandems and thats it.
  2. ok at least its possible. I was afraid there would be some set in stone rule against it. and I'm not doing it to save tunnel money or anything, I just think it would be neat for the whuffo to say they've docked with me in "(simulated )freefall" MB 3528, RB 1182
  3. If I'm a licensed skydiver with 600 jumps and about an hour of tunnel time, and I want to fly with a whuffo friend who has never been in a tunnel before... is this possible? I know the tunnel instructors hold onto whuffos tightly while they belly fly, I am wondering if they would let me into the tunnel to dock on the whuffo friend. The instructor would sitll be in there at all times. Is this something the individual instructors have say over, or is it strictly forbidden in the tunnel rules to have a whuffo in with non-instructors? MB 3528, RB 1182
  4. Do they actually have anything scheduled for that day? I went down there last year during colligietes and new years night was very quiet. i think everyone was in bed by 11 pm MB 3528, RB 1182
  5. I will give them a call tomorrow. They don't have anything listed on their webpage in events. MB 3528, RB 1182
  6. Looking to make a night jump over new years. Any DZs doing this? MB 3528, RB 1182
  7. i get nervous whenever they don't announce prices beforehand. imagine getting there and they are $30 or something MB 3528, RB 1182
  8. i would if they had them. but both the jumpers AND the pilots are in teh bag by sunset. MB 3528, RB 1182
  9. will there be hot air balloons? MB 3528, RB 1182
  10. last year I heard talk of a plane from skydive dallas flying up there... there isn't a plane flying up from texas going to freaks is there? MB 3528, RB 1182
  11. last raft dive I did, it flipped on exit and I ended up hanging upside down from my ankle, because the raft rope was wrapped around it. several very frenzied seconds followed while me and another jumper got the rope off my foot, but it also took my shoe with it. I haven't done one since then. raft dives ARE more dangerous than the standard skydive. doesn't mean they can't go well and be fun though. MB 3528, RB 1182
  12. also brian won't be able to make it. it happens to fall on my working weekend, and my rig is still in the process of being repacked. MB 3528, RB 1182
  13. whats an online job?? are you one of those naughty websites allison? MB 3528, RB 1182
  14. Are you going to be there Halder? Maybe you can convince Haliburton or Texico or whoever you work for to sponsor your trip! halliburton dammit! don't think the boss would jump at that idea. maybe though i could "borrow" a company car to check on a gas well up in kansas. MB 3528, RB 1182