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  1. bch7773

    Skydive East Texas/East Texas Skydiving

    Licensed jumpers really aren't welcome there. Nor will you find any. They'll let you squeeze on a tandem load if theres room, but thats it. Nice people there, but they are there to do tandems and thats it.
  2. I am one of those newbies... I got 6 flights in... including an 8 way flock, and several smaller flights where I got my first wingsuit dock in I also learned about the importance of slowing down before pulling... ouch. thanks to all the birdmen who flew with me. I know you guys could have totally gone up without a newbie using a small-winged suit and gone longer, but you helped me learn a lot and made my day. hopefully I will get a chance to fly with some more of you up at couch freaks.
  3. bch7773

    Sabre's and the oversize slider...

    I was using a sabre for about 50 jumps that had fairly quick openings, and about 1/3 of the time would have a slammer. I had a rigger sew a pocket on the slider, but it worked a little too well. 1500+ foot openings So he made the pocket a little smaller and now it works pretty well. most of the opennigs are fairly nice, with about 10% being hard. I went with a slider pocket rather then the larger slider because a pocket can't cause faster openings like a larger slider can. and i am a poorass student too, the pocket only cost me $25 though.
  4. bch7773

    How to start Head-Down???

    I agree with what you're saying, but I just thought I'd mention that tunnel time isn't strictly necessary - I've managed without any tunnel time
  5. ha this event will be the one place where the people with old rainbow-colored gear will be cool good luck with the boogie.
  6. bch7773

    Skydive Perris

    I went there with a big group, and had a great time there. The DZO made sure that we were having plenty of fun, he even fired up the skyvan twice for us (on a wednesday and a thursday no less) so we could get our raft dive in! Also their pilots had no problems with giving go-arounds if you didn't like the spot... I've had a lot of bad experiences at other DZs where a go-around request meant lots of cursing by the pilots, and this was nice to see them not mind at all. The windtunnel being 100 yards away was great. They also have a nice bar and grill, a gear store, and a good rigging loft onsite. The bar has a TV linked to the tunnel so you can watch your friends do the tunnel while you drink a beer. The grass landing area is not particularly big, but its not too terrible. If you land even 50 yards off though, they have a pickup truck outfitted with a couch to pick up jumpers all day. We stayed at the house listed on their website... we were incredibly surprised by how nice it was. Well furnished and clean. It's easily worth it to stay there, especially if you are in a big group and can book the entire thing. The only problem I had with them was the packing area. Its not a waterproof area, so if it rains it means you have to pack around puddles. If you go, be prepared to get dust or mud all over your gear. The area all around the grass landing strip is dusty, so even if you land on the grass, the dust gets on you. And the outdoor packing area gets pretty dusty because of that. If its raining, the dust becomes mud. The part of Perris the DZ is in is pretty dismal... no bars, restaurants, or gas stations for miles and miles. Oh yes, the Load Organizers there were awesome. They always had one or two working, even during the weekdays, and they organized a lot of fun jumps, and gave me some good tips on my freeflying. Thanks again Jon, Alex, Conzalez, and Enrico. We had a lot of fun there, definetly check them out.
  7. bch7773

    Freefly Cargo Pants

    I've had mine for about a year. No problems at all with them ripping or tearing. The zippered AND buttoned pockets are great, i use them to keep my wallet without me and not worry about it falling out during a skydive. It was a little more pricey then standard freefly pants, but i think the pockets and design are worth the 30 bucks.
  8. bch7773

    Smoke ?

    you wouldn't want to tape a normal smoke bomb to your feet, as it gets very hot while it goes off. Also, a firecracker type smoke bomb (anything yuu can buy at a fireworks store) will not put out nearly enough smoke. do a search on the forums for smoke, theres a ton of info out there.
  9. bch7773

    Second life?

    if you signed up for the wells fargo game adn joined the dz.com group in it, then you'll get those messages. it actaully has nothing to do with sangiros site. its just a group some people created in the game.
  10. bch7773

    FF suit vs. Pants and Jacket

    I went with the pants and jacket way... although I haven't bought a jacket yet. someone at my DZ has, and he said the jacket never comes out of the pants. I looked at his, and the jacket extends several inches into the pants then is tucked in.
  11. bch7773

    the best way to close down skyride

    but does skyride really care if you took away its uspa's membership? they'd probably just tell tandems that they have the national skydiving association super dropzone safety award.
  12. bch7773


    I got my Z1 over a year ago and put about 150 jumps on it. I have had no major problems with it at all. I only had it pop open once in freefall, after receiving a hard kick to the face that i think would have knocked me out if it wasn't for the helmet. The few times that I've left the plane without closing it, I've been able to shut it in freefall, no problem. Never had a problem with the liner, or the latch for the faceshield. The paint on it seems to scratch easily, but a wet rag removes 90% of the scratches, which apparently are just surface scratches. The only problem I have with it is that its almost impossible to talk to people when you are wearing it. But i think this is just a general fullface problem.