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  1. From now on, we will travel in TUBES!!! ..get the scientists working on the tube technology, immediately... Nice to know that Tenacious D has been calling this for awhile.
  2. Jesse, That is great feedback, thank you. Every little tweak to our operations helps out. I'll work with Hixxx better in advance next year to thin the evening giveaways to 1-2 things from each vendor, then do drawings out of the manifest trailer throughout the day for other goodies. Thanks for watching out for my voice!!! Yeah we TOTALLY lucked out on weather, yet again. Fingers are crossed for next year!
  3. we've kicked it around, but it's not looking likely at this point. we did the $1 hop/pops for the 25th anniv, and it cost us several several thousands of dollars. hope is not all lost though...we're going to see if any vendors would be interested in sponsoring $1 jumps to help subsidize the cost. i hope you had a great time at the boogie! if you have any other feedback on how we did in 2009, please let me know so that i can put it into the notebook for next year. :)
  4. is there a lot of interest for high altitude jumps next year? just let me know and we can plan for it. usually just one jump ticket + $10 for extra extra high. Glad to see everyone out there, please add any feedback to the forum or PM me if you want any changes considered for 2010. cheers, b
  5. haha yeah the boogie is a good place to do big even numbers, and a great place for pie-ing folks or getting pied. i've had my 300th, 500th, 1100th, and 1300th all at the boogie, and probably a couple others in there too anybody got any good load names figured out for this year? "jimbob for 2" is about as boring of a load to be on as it is for us to announce. i'll be stuck on the mic thursday, so please bring your creative load names and beers to the window
  6. We're excited to get KLB back too! They're getting pretty popular so it was a happy day when I heard that we were able to get them booked this year. Be sure to thank Hobbs for staying in touch with them and pleading for them to come back. See you there. I am jealous you get to nap till landing on the ramp at FOD, i get to do that loooong drive from KC up there that you know all too well.
  7. Folks, We've been giving our website a new look these past couple weeks! Sorry it had to be right before boogie time when the old one went kaput. Anyhow, go to and check out all the new menu items under "Dollar Daze". Advanced apologies if it is a big sluggish, we're getting on a faster server very soon. If there is any other info you would like me to put up there, please ask me! We've been bustin butt boogie planning, so haven't been on Facebook or lately I will put up a link to the facebook page "i'm going to couch freaks 2009"! cheers, bill o
  8. here is the better answer - during jump operations (sunrise to sunset), runway 30/12 is closed. a 3 mile straight in approach is required for landing 6/24 during jump operations
  9. i asked around and didn't sound like there was any special procedures. announce yourself on CTAF 122.95. jump planes take off on runway 30 and land on 12. i do see GA planes on 30/12 during the boogie occassionally, but they might ask you to stick to 6/24.
  10. yep, balloons will be there. as usual, space will be limited and they will probably be flying at some early hour of the morning that i have never been awake to witness :)
  11. the attempts are going to be saturday afternoon at 2, 4, and 6. have you gotten with tom and larry yet? there has been pre-registration going on for it. they'll be there starting thursday morning starting to check people out to fill up the remaining slots on the dive, so head to the load organizer area as soon as you get there.
  12. "This one time, at the beer truck, I ...[reply with favorite story here]"
  13. you are doing exactly what you're 'sposed to. just be sure to take out enough student loan $ for boogie jumps and some new gear if you haven't already!
  14. low and fast! i'll be sure to get it on the schedule of events. looking forward to seeing you there! b
  15. Thursday, August 28 through Monday, September 1 Gates open at noon on Wednesday, August 27th, so be sure to come early for our hog roast and sweet corn feed! Also, get here early if you want an electrical outlet! Always that chance of an early load or two on Wednesday. $50 registration gets you all this and more • Private showers • Camping • Electric hookups for a small fee (while they last- first come first served) • Numerous celebrities: Midwest Freefly Legend Jimmy Coiner, Zoomie, The Man Who Saved Couch Freaks, and MORE Aircraft • 2 or 3 Super Twin Otters • 1 or 2 Super Skyvan • Pitts Special Biplane • Helicopter • Prices for the specialty aircraft to be announced Organizers • Tom Schroder, Larry Clapp, and Mandy Shaeffer will be organizing a 3 plane state record attempt (66 way). Sequential formation loads Thursday thru Saturday • Freefly organizer tba • John Storrie will be heading up the Wingsuit Flocking State Record Dive • Additional organizers will be available for 8 to 12 way skydives Entertainment • Friday: DJ • Saturday: tba • Sunday: tba Food (included with paid registration) • Beer flows 24/7 • Hog roast and Iowa Sweet corn feed Wednesday night • Iowa Pork Chop Dinner Saturday night • World Famous Roadkill Chili Sunday night • Food vendors will be onsite throughout the entire boogie (bring additional $ for this) Parties/Contests • Every night! • Best Dressed contest/Polyester Party Saturday • Swoop N Chug contest • Chicken Pooper raffle • Keg pyramid building contest future updates to be announced in this thread and on