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  1. It does have a 30mm thread, I was hoping the .5x would be a little wider than the .55x...and I've already got a metal 30-43mm step ring. Saying that, the .5x is cheaper!
  2. Fair point but in my defence, the Hoya lens is a multi-coated UV filter lens...from my limited review it seems like it is middle of the road with something like B+W being top quality? Managed that so far with my SD lens, so perhaps this is the better option for me...I need to think about this some more! Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hi all, I recently switched to a CX115 camera, but I'm currently just using my old 0.3x SD lens (zoomed in a bit). I want to get a new lens for filming stuff in HD/16:9 and I'm trying to work out if the Century Precision Optics 0.5x lens would be wide enough for filming tandems? Does anyone use this and could help or even have footage they could upload/send me?
  4. Hi all, I'm just wondering if there is a good dropzone near Adelaide - looking for somewhere that has a good fun jumper atmosphere (rather than tandem focussed). Ideally also wanting something that uses something a bit bigger than a C182/C206 or at least regularly goes to ~12,000+ft. I've had a look on the dropzone database and come up with South Australian Sport Parachute Club, Lower Light and Adventure Air Skydiving. Anyone been to these places or recommend somewhere?
  5. The access is also inflatable by the way...but I know what you mean
  6. A lot of coaches just point to the bit you've got wrong (or the part they want to highlight) and then tell you what to do. For example, point at hips then point forward, or point to knees then point down; both very easy to understand. Another thing I've seen a bit is pointing to eyes then pointing to something else, meaning 'watch this part'... Barely need a brief for hand signals when they're that clear!
  7. I asked about that once before and was told no since the they did not want to be involved - which I think is fair enough...could cause problems for them if things go wrong
  8. Adding 10lbs isn't enough for gear, it's more like 25lbs so your exit weight is around 250lbs. This means your wingloading is probably more like 1.67...
  9. Also jump a Sonic suit...fantastic build quality and the customer service is awesome!
  10. Seems a little too fast to me. I'm about 200lbs exit weight and in a stand with my arms above my head I can just get over 200mph (not saying you couldn't go faster
  11. I believe you have to have CCI's approval and that is all...
  12. Ah, that kind of makes sense - although I'm not sure if it would be enough to make you continue rotating by much...anyway, I'll leave this up to others to discuss