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  1. Thanks for the Rant If I can't sway his opinion I'm definitely taking my comp velocities to another drop zone. Unfortunately that's an hour and a half away from me.
  2. So I'm looking for some input. The drop zone that I currently jump at is looking to ban any turns that are more than 90°. We recently had one of our jumpers pass away doing the Hi-performance landing at another DZ. The drop zone's owners daughter's fiancé was actually killed in 1997 doing a Hi performance Landing as well. Is there any arguments that I can use to hopefully persuade him to still allow responsible canopy piloting at his DZ?
  3. Wow... $1845USD with a RDS too... That is a very good deal compared to a Comp Velo or a JVX… What is a JVX going for these days? Is the just the pre-production price?
  4. My JVX 72 Opened so hard!!! I would strongly recommend not getting that canopy... Since my JVX 72 opened so hard i bought a 74 Neos for non-competition jumping... The Neos is a very nice opening canopy... the The Belgian team Hayabusa is using them and enjoying them...
  5. Hey Zver Nice videos... keep up the testing... Canopy looks like it is coming a long nicely.
  6. Has any used the Opteka 0.2X Low-Profile "Ninja" Fisheye Lens for Camcorders? It looks the same as the Royal Lens Platinum 0.2x. I jump the Royal lens Platinum 0.2x but i scratched it and i don't want to pay $249.99 USD for a new one. The Opteka 0.2x Ninja is $69.95 on there website. is there any Vignette with this lens? I tried a Liquid 2 x0.25 Wide angle lens with 37mm threads and i got vignette.
  7. i like the look of the Optica .3... is it as wide as the royal .2? i'm using a Liquid 3 x 0.29 Wide angle lens... i would like to have a lens that is a little wider than the liquid 3... And i'm getting Vignetting if i shoot in 16:9... does the royal or the Optica Vegnette in 16:9?
  8. i got the blue UV coated lines Why????
  9. My self and a friend ordered JVXs at the same time back in December 2007... i change my order to All ZP i got my canopy and my... friend stayed with the sail... he is still waiting... i also did not get my extra line set with my canopy
  10. I finally got my all ZP JVX 72... there is still a long wait if you want the sale...
  11. HI All... i need Advice… My old DCR-PC109 died… and it looks like I need to replace it… I need I good camera that I can side mount!!! I’m looking at some old PC1000… but everyone wants to much money for them… so, I’m looking at a Sony HDR-CX7 or CX12… can you side mount a HC7??? How well does the CX7 record in freefall being a flash camera??? Cookie makes a nice box for them and very nice lenses… has any one had good luck with the CX7? Or should I go with the trusted old PC1000… Thanks For any advice…
  12. Yes they are still waiting on the NEW White sail too... i ended up ordering an all ZP JVX... it should be soon because they can't build any canopies with sail...
  13. I'm starting to wonder that... if they exist... i ordered my canopy in dec... i changed my colors to all white... and i'm still waiting... and after paying the deposit... I have not got any e-mails from Daedelas... I should have got a Velo...
  14. i got one from this guy too... Hi Marc84, On 9-Dec-2007 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => derossi003 URL => Name => Philip Sidney FromEmail => [email protected] City => Aberdeen Country => Scotland Comments => Hello My name is Mr Philip Sidney . I''m really interested in your Containers and i will like to know if you still have it for sale.What is your last price of selling and the state of condition of the item ? Send pics if also avilable for proper viewing and i would be very glad if you can get it sold to me.Preffered method of payment is United State Certified Bank Cashier or MoneyOrder Cheque ? which would CLEAR in your bank account within 1 to 2 working days.Kindly email me back to ( if it's still for sale. Cheer ----------------- If you suspect this is a scam: 1) Visit the Security Forum to see if it has already been reported: 2) If not, forward the entire email to [email protected]
  15. with the tracer wing suit you can't reach your risers... you must un-zip your arms... = time you do not have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!