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  1. Just a quick search, but is $329.95 low cost for a vegas plugin?? ...or am I at the wrong site?
  2. Is the mic just velcroed to your glove?
  3. Thanks, Wicked footage dude! It's true that the low light is where it really seems warm. I actually found a comparison clip on You Tube pitting the original GoPro against the GoPro 2... It's clear that the new model handles low lighting MUCH better, with the color tone remaining true.
  4. Can you confirm if the new model still has a yellow(ish) tinge to the video?? Mine, and others I've seen (GoPro HD 1080) always seems to record in a warmer temperature tone...
  5. Here's my setup. I love the Vapor Wes Pro for the added top surface. The Cookie Flatlocks also work great for keeping a low profile and the overall setup tidy...
  6. These are all very good points...I wish more people would read and take into consideration the necessary skills pointed out in this thread. As Superfletch said, being able to sit and watch the video with the customer without being ashamed that they paid $100 for it is a good way of knowing if you're doing a good job.
  7. Here's a list of feature settings written by Trunk for the CX-100...I'm assuming most will apply to the CX-150.
  8. I for one am looking forward to this list. Everyone seems to think that the dangers are all gone due to the small size cameras that are now available.
  9. Thanks Hellis, I'm going to get the GoPro suction mount and try that out...apparently it will hold for up to 200mph!!
  10. How are you mounting the GoPro to the plane? Are you using the sticky mount? I heard removing the sticky mount would likely take a chunk of the plane with it!?
  11. Seriously?? A simple search for "CX-100 box" came up with hundreds of threads discussing this very topic...
  12. Sorry if I'm highjacking this thread, but now this is starting to sound like the Precision is nothing like the Icarus (aside from the light toggle pressure and no brake settings) I'm officially still looking for an Icarus me if anyone has a lead
  13. Thanks chaospilot! I need to replace one of our Icarus 365s and have found a Precision that I would consider if it were close to the Icarus. From what you say, it sounds like it would be close enough...
  14. Love tandem Icarus canopies! We use 330s and 365s.. Can anyone tell me how the "Precision" tandem compares?? Do they have similar, nice openings?