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    I will argue that the biggest things damping Tesla sales are: 1. Tesla lying about range. 2. Tesla lying about capabilities of "Autopilot", (and Elmo making annual announcement that FSD will be here in "a few months", for ten years running). 3. Elmo being a gigantic all-around asshole. There is no way in hell I will ever own a Tesla as long as Elmo has any control over it.
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    Unfortunately you can WALK from Chicago to a gun store in Indiana in 15 minutes, buy a gun in a state with weak gun laws (ranked 30/50), then 15 minutes later be back in Chicago with a gun that you couldn't legally buy in Illinois. With a car you can do it even faster. Which is why a national solution is the only one that will work.
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    I always have an issue with the idea of 'illegal guns'. There is no such thing as an illegal gun. That's like saying there is an illegal car. It is another gun lobby/NRA talking point distraction. Remington, Winchester, S&W do not have an assembly line that creates illegal guns for criminals to use. We have guns that are obtained, trafficked, or owned illegally BECAUSE we do not have any laws to track guns. If we tracked every gun from its manufacture until its disposal, we would go a long way to finding out how guns get into the hands of criminals. But we don't do that, nor do we even try to.
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    This whole subject is highlights such a contradiction in the right wing world view. The case study of Brent (a true believer in trickle down economics and being nice to billionaires because they make all the jobs) and Musk (a billionaire who employs lots of people) is pretty weird. Musk: Builds Tesla into the most valuable company in the world with 140,000 US employees, which I'd imagine are skewed heavily towards highly paid tech jobs. Brent: Tesla is a joke and I can't wait for it to fail! Musk: Builds SpaceX into a $100Bn company with 15,000 US employees (again many well paid tech jobs) and resurrects the US from a country who could no longer reach the ISS on their own back to the undeniable global leader in space. Brent: Only a liberal moron would think SpaceX is what success looks like! Musk: Buys Twitter as a going concern, tanks its income streams, wipes 75% off its value, and fires 80% of its workforce (often illegally), making thousands of people unemployed and publically mocking any of them who dare complain. Brent: These are the greatest days that the world of Business has ever seen and Elon Musk is a god like genius! Almost like he's not really judging the merits...
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    I think personal transfers of weapons should take place at an FFL or the local Cop Shop. Background checks on every weapon movement of ownership. Well regulated should actually mean something, and be enforced.
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    He does know better. But once in a while attempted humor in the guise of a cheap shot is allowed by forum rules.
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    Comparing any gun law to 'the rest of the country' is meaningless given that the rest of the country has ineffective guns laws as well. If the country wants to reduce gun violence, then we need to model gun laws on the countries that have less gun violence and stop pretending that the causes are judges, or mental health, or open carry, or good-guy-bad-guy, or suicides or whatever. The reason we have so much gun violence is that guns are readily accessible to pretty much anyone in the country and there are no laws worth talking about. Look at what it took to get two parents convicted of manslaughter when they bought their mentally ill kid a semi-auto rifle and then he shot up his school. In any other civilized country, that original purchase would never have happened.
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    Well, to be fair, Brent does consider himself to be a contrarian. Me, I'd rather set my own course, rather than find ones I can call out because they're not what I'd have done. Wendy P.
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    But a much better strategy is give up the "my team" mindset and just cast your vote for the candidate who is best for the country. Tying your identity to a political party is just ridiculous.
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    Sometimes when your team looks really bad the only thing to be done is a reach out to false equivalency.
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    Please give specific, provable examples of Biden doing those things. The list of times Trump has done them is pretty long.
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    As long as the USA is filled with people like you who think that wanting gun control laws makes someone a nut the problem is only going to get worse. You seem to believe that not have a good working knowledge of weapons somehow means you should have no right to want them controlled. The fact is they are simply machines that spit bullets designed to kill things. Mostly to kill people. You don't need to know anything more than that to understand guns.
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    Latest Vault release might be the very first Vault release where there was literally nothing of value in it.
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    Ask your canopy coach. If you're thinking crossbraced, you should definitely be working with one. I can see a few things potentially wrong with your plan. 1. You are jumping from a super docile canopy (spectre) to super aggressive (xb) with no intermediate planforms. Usually people will jump an aggressive elliptical non cross braced such as a katana or crossfire or x-fire for a long time before cross braced. 2. 1.6 seems too low wing loading for cross braced. Go work with a canopy coach, don't ask the Internet for advice.
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    The gear store where I jumped has a rule that they would let you jump a smaller size with same number of cells (seven in your case) OR a nine cell in the same size, but not both all at once. 800+ jumps is nice, but cross braced is a different animal. Do not attempt them without some serious coaching. You sound like you're interested in nine cells, so aside from Sabre 2 (a fine canopy), check out the Pilot and Safire 2 as well, they're all in a comparable class.
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    Call me conservative (you'd be right) but I feel that the step from a Spectre 150 to any crossbraced 135 canopy is a very big one, and likely to get you hurt. Better to step down in size first (Spectre 135 or similar) before moving into crossbraced canopies. And have a plan for what you want to do and achieve with it. In my opinion, downsizing for the sake of downsizing is overrated. My personal experience with a Sabre2 150 is that it's boatloads of fun (I'm at exit weight ~95kg so only slightly higher WL). Long recovery arc & good flare. I find the openings slow and twisty but my point of reference is about a thousand jumps on the Lightning which has never heard of that new-fangled thing called snivelling, so take that with a lot of salt. But because they are rather popular they tend to be pricey and quickly gone on the second-hand market.
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