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  1. Huh? You can't fly in Mantis when docked on a big-way or when somebody has a grip on you in a whacker. Great for 4-way randoms and movement, not so great on big-ways. I recall Dan BC giving us that message a couple of years ago at a big-way event. He told the folks flying mantis to fly boxman instead. Dan who?
  2. LEAD, get used to it You need to fly in a neutral body position at the desired fall rate. Changing your body position to fall faster will screw you in the end. Belts are better than vests Parasport makes the best belt (available at http://www.paragear.com)
  3. hahaha, beat me too it again Bill
  4. Just wear a carpenters belt, then you have a utility knife too! The chalk-line could come in hand too :)
  5. This is only supported on x86 and PPC for 10.4-10.6 Have you tried running this on an iPhone? Highly unlikely it will work.
  6. Ride the airplane down??? Refuse to exit??? You want to live forever?
  7. A minor went on a "safe" joyride and was killed, there must be some liability here or A minor was skydiving with parental consent and got killed, his parents are idiots to allow this
  8. I agree with you as far as the safety is concerned. I was referring to the way this _could_ be interpreted in a court of law.
  9. I think that Tandems are perceived by the public as being a "safe" joyride whereas SL/IAD/AFF are perceived as being "real" skydiving and therefor having assumed risk.
  10. Hey, I'm just an RW up-jumper. I almost never get out low so I don't really have a lot at stake personally in this but I did do a _little_ math way back when. There are a LOT of people that cannot do math though. Just go to Nevada and look at all the people in front of slot machines ;)
  11. Jan may be a PITA and politically incorrect but she can do the math. "The critical element of the exit is the "jump-up". All exits without a jump-up are safe. No-cut exits are safe. Climbing, no-cut exits are safe, too. These results agree with what jumpers have been doing for quite sometime. Exits with a "jump-up" are unsafe. Exactly how far upward an individual jumper needs to jump for a given aircraft geometry, airspeed, attitude and climb rate in order to hit the stabilizer is immaterial at this time. The point is "Don't jump up on exit." What difference is one more foot of altitude going to make when you're already at 12,500 feet? "
  12. no age restriction EXCEPT for tandems. Tandems.
  13. one summer I worked at Raychem in the thermofit (shrink-tube) division sampling incoming raw materials. Some of that stuff is REAL nasty.
  14. when I first started I read all oj Jan's articles AT LEAST twice.
  15. Zoo loads teach you how to: fix exist fix grips discern who's "with it" on the jump not panic when it funnels at the bottom ...... Discuss
  16. Fewer fatalities yes, however I wouldn't say "safer", there's nothing safe about skydiving ;)
  17. I just want to know how the guy accumulated 30M with an annual income of 100k!!!
  18. right, the cat turns most of it into co2 (they were real smart back then) , but I a sealed plastic bag will do the job eventually.
  19. ROTF The worst I've had was a TSA agent who just finished AFF, I thought that dude would _never_ stop talking