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  1. at least the blast handles are still useful Chuck's gear shop is offering Nova main canopies 2 for 1 plastic reserve ripcords for $3 (while supplies last) blast handles 70% off and just in time for Christmas.... Tom Piras signature Cypres AAD's (no batteries needed) just $599
  2. Old Kieth St Onge video.
  3. +1 And I Have at least 1000 jumps on both. A Sabre 2 is in no way close to the caliber of a stiletto True: a sabre 2 is a much BETTER swoop canopy than the stiletto.
  4. Bill is a USPA Member, he was also a National Director at one point if I am not mistaken. Ask Bill Dause.
  5. 1) in 4way/8way your teammates can see them real easy 2) you can see them real easy when tracking 3) you can see them real easy under canopy
  6. Tim, you know I don't base, but why would someone hold the PC near their head than rather at their hip? Wouldn't a "normal skydiving" throw tend to pose the least entanglement hazard? Or do base guys think it effects opening heading or something?
  7. hardware. display, video ram or video controller
  8. just keep trying, in under 1000 pack jobs you will "get it" ;)
  9. Ask him if you can be on his ash dive.
  10. Ron, come to Lodi, $10 jumps every Sunday!
  11. until you buy a jumpsuit get some coveralls. Cut the collar off, it will whip around in the wind and beat the crap out of you.
  12. If you are doing solos, tracking is not required, in fact if you are indeed tracking from 7k->3.5k you may run into other groups unless you are very careful to track off jump run.
  13. I'll cut away at 1000 feet if I have to (it's worked before ;) but if I cutaway below 1500 I'm defiantly gonna have a little talk with myself.
  14. I was driving right by it when it went off, thought a plane had gone in since that's right on the departure vector for SFO when the winds are out of the west.
  15. got busted drinking and SaxoBank pulled him. Not that he was a GC contender but this may hurt Frank.
  16. Knew Rod from the BigWays. Fly free brother.
  17. No major drama yet Looks like Andy is out of it.
  18. I knew Marv from the 100way circuit. He will be missed. Blue Skys Marv