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  1. Put them on the list under L&B for service, thanks DSE. Stay high pull low
  2. Sounds good guys. Got a new one to hook up this weekend, might as well keep the old in the helmet as a backup, a might-work-as-desired-might-not backup is better than no backup. Stay high pull low
  3. I know I've seen threads mentioning this before, but the search here sucks, I can't find it. Sometimes as I flip my camera on, it starts shooting continuously. Sometimes 3 shots, sometimes it shoots as though it isn't going to stop. I've tried turning it on/off with the switched plugged/not plugged in, etc. Any advice or links to the other threads, thanks Stay high pull low
  4. This was shown to the TSA agent, and he replied 'I don't care what that says, you're not getting on the plane with the rig.' This is where society crumbles, when you aren't going to follow your own rules. Stay high pull low
  5. You'll see the visible difference in the forehead area. One has a good 1.5" of a foam front, while the other plastic shell comes all the way down. Can't remember which one is which. The one with foam has a more forgiving angle for your camera for belly jumps. Stay high pull low
  6. I would love video from the gopro you're wearing also. Stay high pull low
  7. Ah simple genius, thanks Dave. Stay high pull low
  8. I'm gonna be replacing a stroboframe on my rawa with a liquid flatlock. The strobo frame is mounted sideways, but the problem is that a hole for the dplug was made right under the right-rear bolt. The bolt might hit an edge of the hole, which if it hits more than half it's width outside then it would still have some leverage, but what would you do if the bolt runs straight into the hole? Stay high pull low
  9. Make sure to snap a few more pics when you get to moving things. I won't be working on mine until May'ish but I'd like to see what can be done. Stay high pull low
  10. How far down through the top plate do those connections run? How much depth do they need? Stay high pull low
  11. Was wondering if many of you take advantage of this? If it can be deemed worthwhile, I was thinking about running a short extension from it to a nice clean surface plug somewhere on the side, back, etc, as I'll have the button flush with the helmet with no easy access to it. Anyone have any DIY handywork they'd like to share? Stay high pull low
  12. Do a few more whenever you have the opportunity to getting out at 3500, you'll become more comfortable and realize you still have plenty of time as long as you're relaxed and don't rush yourself. Stay high pull low
  13. Why are you wanting so many tandems? Do you have no desire to go through AFF? Stay high pull low