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  1. Psychonaut

    RAWA Image or RAWA Vision?

    You'll see the visible difference in the forehead area. One has a good 1.5" of a foam front, while the other plastic shell comes all the way down. Can't remember which one is which. The one with foam has a more forgiving angle for your camera for belly jumps.
  2. Psychonaut

    Emergency exit for first hop and pop

    Do a few more whenever you have the opportunity to getting out at 3500, you'll become more comfortable and realize you still have plenty of time as long as you're relaxed and don't rush yourself.
  3. Psychonaut

    My first jump/tandem in HD

    Hmm.. game on.
  4. Psychonaut

    Customized gearbag

    Are those pictures your products? How many have you made to date? I might be willing to grab one from ya.
  5. Psychonaut

    Z1 Visor- How does it come off?

    Yeah, I was in the same spot. Try just turning the inside piece 45deg at a time and pulling the outside piece off. After you get it off you'll understand but of course, by then you'll have gone through all the work
  6. Psychonaut

    Skydive Certificat

    If you're a human, google for a dropzone in Az. Chances are you'll find quite a nice one as a first result.
  7. Psychonaut

    AFF on Tuesday

    You'll do the AFF levels, then get cleared for solo. From there you'll do solo jumps and most likely coach jumps to get to 25, the minimum for the A license. The USPA membership is just that, a membership. You get the magazine, but you still have to send in your application for licenses (A, B, C, D, and other ratings). You should learn to pack before getting your A license. For gear, ideally you'll want to find some soon after getting your license, intructors and others at a DZ will help you with that, not the internet.
  8. Psychonaut

    Do you 'quarter' your slider?

    I just put my fist in the center and shove it down, definitely ensures it's on the grommets, and as far as being 'quartered' decently, it usually works fine. If I see it didn't fall exactly how I'd like I just touch it up real quick.
  9. Psychonaut

    Skydiving in California
  10. Psychonaut

    Required Tracking skills

    Take them on a tracking dive?
  11. Psychonaut

    JumpRun! and Windows 7

    Have you tried compatibility mode?
  12. Psychonaut

    Rather disturbing?

    Just a warning/disclaimer to save their ass..
  13. Psychonaut

    Military discount on AAD?

    Not sure if they offer military discounts, but if they don't, your best bet and I'm saying you would easily be able to, find a dzo or dealer that will sell you one at cost..
  14. Psychonaut

    PD Pulse 135 in a Javelin NJ?

    How is the fit with your sabre?