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  1. scottd818


    Best rig on the market hands down. I have over 800 jumps on my infinitys. Ive owned 2 of them and wouldn't think of jumpin another rig. There pin and bridle protection r unmatched. The highest quality out there. And there customer service where do i start. Absolutely the best i have ever delt with. Nicole and sean are just amazing to deal with. If ur in the market for a rig. Just give nicole a call. And u will order one!!
  2. it auctually tomorrow, which happens to be my bday and the anniversary of my first jump.
  3. i went thru china recently on my way to thailand and didnt have togo back thru security, just a quick stamp in customs and done they didnt check any luggage. u should be fine.
  4. i swear this question comes up every week can we get a sticky so ppl with stop askin! There is a search feature ppl!!
  5. nz they are the orgional company! and when i order my canopy they had it in stock and shipped it to me free and i got it 2 day later. awesome customer service!!
  6. +1 on the safire 2. i have a 179 and have nothing bad to say about it. Opens great, flies great, has a fairly flat glide, and the flare is awesome. u cant go wrong. i used to have a pilot and i love the safire much more the flare on the pilot left alot to be desired. i would hands down recommend the safire of the pilot any day!
  7. Elsinore is definetly you best choice IMHO. they have awesome Load Organizers as well so you will beable to get some great coaching for free as well. If your interested pm me and i will give you a few names there of the coachs.
  8. liquid sky all the way julio is the MAN!
  9. they do them all the time out of perris. dan the pilot does them 3-5 times a week. and theres always open slots. he post them on his FB.
  10. I have jumped there and they r just as good as any USA DZ. They have new rigs and would highly recommend going there. Go and enjoy!!!
  11. sign me up!! that sounds epic! I mean, what could possibly go wrong with landing in an unknown area, with no lights, with no one there to help? Just do it on a full moon and ur good!