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    Best rig on the market hands down. I have over 800 jumps on my infinitys. Ive owned 2 of them and wouldn't think of jumpin another rig. There pin and bridle protection r unmatched. The highest quality out there. And there customer service where do i start. Absolutely the best i have ever delt with. Nicole and sean are just amazing to deal with. If ur in the market for a rig. Just give nicole a call. And u will order one!!
  2. scottd818


    it auctually tomorrow, which happens to be my bday and the anniversary of my first jump.
  3. scottd818

    Thailand Dropzone

    Is a matter of fact i just got back from there! It was awesome the view is amazing! The plane is nice and fast and the ppl are awesome!! Its a great DZ. But there is on bad thing about it thats not even that bad and thats that they only r allowed to go to 9000 AGL. They are working on getting that fixed so they are allowed to go to 13000 AGL. and they just might by August. Jump tickets are about $29.00. Which is alittle high for only 9000. But still worth it cause its not every day i get to jump in thailand.
  4. scottd818

    Pilot 168 in a J1

    i think it might but you should call Sunrise. i have a rig fit for a 190 with a 210 zpx in it and it fits fine.
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    Pressurized Birdman Tracking Pants;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  6. scottd818

    Smoking at the DZ

    wheres the BOOBIES choice??? and i think that as long as your not smoking around anybody gear beside your own and your outside your good. you have the choice to walk away.
  7. scottd818

    Sony action cam vs. Contour plus 2

    i love my contour and i want the new one.
  8. scottd818

    Favorite CA DZs?!?!

    Taft and Elsinore!
  9. scottd818

    Newbie Audible Question

    the audible is not mounted on your wrist. it goes in a pocket next to your ear in you helmet.
  10. scottd818

    Aspirin before jump?

    i know it is when you have a ragein hangover.
  11. scottd818

    Recommended Helmets & Advice

    i LOVE my cookie G3!
  12. Im in and so is one of my buddies
  13. scottd818

    Canopy Course

    +1 i took his course too! it was awesome and improved my canopy skills alot and my landing!!!
  14. scottd818

    MarS M2 AAD;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread