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  1. a friend of mine has this one: http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/chutingstar-gear-bag it has a lot of space but the build quality doesent seem to be that good. the insidepockets started to rip of. Still its a nice bag. I just looked at this one which looks nice to me: http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/fliteline-gear-bag-3364
  2. After reading this thread i guess "scratchin the sky" summs it up pretty well.. http://vimeo.com/62739266
  3. becuase skydiving keeps me balanced and makes me happy. end of the story.
  4. in switzerland i can recommend paraclub beromünster: Jumpticket 45 CHF (36.50 Euro) Nice People, mostly Freeflyers Nice Place out in the green (posibility to camp) Open everyday while summer http://www.paraclub.ch/
  5. On your website it says your open from thursday to sunday. Is that correct? If yes that would be a dealbreaker... :/
  6. One thing to keep in mind about the tunnel is that you can't just jump directly to sitflying. You need to be stable and controlled on your belly and then your back (the recovery position when you cork out of a sit in the tunnel or the sky) before you start working on skills like walking on the net and then basic head-up flying. If he's already decent in the air in the sit position (not corking or chronically backsliding/orbiting) it might be better to just get coach jumps in this case as the progression from little/no tunnel experience to head-up can take hours and hours of tunnel. My $0.02 My sitfly is ok but not more. I tend to do some backslide. So most likely I would need to start all over again in the tunnel. I think I could afford 2 hours of tunnel. So im not quite sure whats a smarter idea, pay for a lot of coaching jumps or go 1-2 hours to the tunnel . As stated above, I have 0 Tunnel time so im not sure if 1-2 hours is enough to get a good learning curve. Oceanside? Which dropzone is this? Do you have a link? Thanks for all the feedback guys 
  7. i had that thought as well. but here in europe one hour tunnel is more expensive than 50 jumps in the USA. The second thought i had is that i would have someone to jump with instead of doing solos all the time... but you're right, mostelikely i should consider looking for a dropzone with a tunnel, i'll definitly would find some jumpbuddies... so as far as i know Skydive Perris is the only dropzone with a tunnel in southern california. Anyone has some experience there?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQzZgDNnl0Y :)
  9. Hi Everybody Im planing a small trip to california in january and i would like to do 2 weeks of skydiving there. I have a 100 jumps now and i can do a mostly stable sitfly. So what im looking for is a dropzone where i can get arround 50 coached-jumps (freefly) within 2 weeks. Can you guys recommend any good dropzone in california where this is possible and where there are good coaches (elsinore is somehow sympathetic for me, are there any offers like this?)? Thanks for your suggestions! :) Blue Skies Fabian
  10. Its a realy beautiful dropzone in the middle of the wonderfull switerland. The Staff is realy professional, friendly and allways willing to help. Next to the dropzone is a nice restaurant with good food and an exelent view to the landing area. definitly one of the best dropzones in switzerland! See you there.