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  1. Hi everyone! In 2013, I did an AFF course in California at Perris drop zone, and it was amazing! It was a 7 or 8 jumps course, that qualified me for solo jumps. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, I couldn't do them in time and didn't actually graduate/qualify. I am going to Texas for a couple of weeks this summer. (And I'll have about 6-7 days free) All the drop zones there seem to do the AFF in about 18-25 jumps (!). Is this because the USPA changed the training programme since? Is it a state thing? And more importantly, is there actually any drop zone in Texas that does the AFF course in 7-8 jumps? Considering the limited number of days that I have, I'd like to optimise my chances. Thanks for your help! Romain
  2. Hi everyone! I am planning to go to California for 2 weeks in November to do the AFF license! I can't chose between Elsinore or Perris drop zones... What should I look for? How to chose? Any comments? Cheers!
  3. Thanks guys! Any nice dropzones/clubs in California that you would recommend? What about Australia (Queensland...), NZ or Hawaii?
  4. Hi everyone! I am 28, French, living in the UK, and I NEED holidays! My idea: - I need holidays. I need adrenaline. I need sun. - I want to learn skydiving, following an AFF course. - I can take 2 weeks holidays in september/october. - I can go anywhere. Literally. I was thinking Australia, NZ, California, Hawaii, etc... I'll basically chose depending on the dropzones and the weather. - I'll be traveling alone, but I'd like to join a group. - A drop zone next to / not far from the sea would be a huge bonus! Have you got any good tips? Where can I find groups or clubs to join? Any good drop zone/club to meet people and do an AFF course? Any website where they organise such group holidays? Where would be your dream place to jump and learn? Thanks!