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  1. you'll need to at least attach a keg of beer in place of a human. You can't jump a tandem rig solo
  2. Thanks for crunching all those numbers to give us something interesting to read. although statistics are always flawed in this case it may paint a general picture. Unfortunately I think it may be ever higher than 30 times for you since dangerousness depends on many factors and by doing 500 jumps a year you are probably engaging in more difficult and dangerous forms of skydiving (faster canopies, wing suits, large group jumps -> increased risk canopy collisions and the list goes on) furthermore by doing so many jumps you are more likely to find yourself getting lax with a gear check from fatigue or complacency. Perhaps your numbers account for all of it, perhaps it evens out when you factor in your experience that adds to your safety as a jumper. At the end of the day calling skydiving safe is really just a defense mechanism against wuffos in our workplaces or outside life who pass judgement on us and think they are better and more mentally sound than us for not jumping out of airplanes. And to those I say it's safer than crossing the street to get a hamburger!! Could get hit by a bus
  3. chemist

    New or Used Rig

    I recommend NEW if you have the money. I just bought a new rig and can't wait for it. A 230 pulse canopy would be good for you at your weight.