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  1. rhopstr

    DZs in Europe

    Take a look at Paracentrum Texel in The Netherlands: https://www.paracentrumtexel.nl/en/. Open 7 days a week, jumps from 13K., running Supervans and if you buy 25 jumps you get 2 for free. I'm biased though as I'm from there. I hear great things about Skydive Spain, Skydive Algarve and Skydive Empuriabrava as well. Let us know where you went and how things worked out.
  2. rhopstr

    an odd request -- GISHWHES 2012

    Sounds like the perfect excuse to go out and do a tandem and hold up that sign yourself. I've seen stranger stuff happen with tandem passengers at my local DZ.
  3. rhopstr

    Sky Time Castellón

    Not one to normally write a review I decided that my experience with this dropzone warrants an exception. I guess you could say I'm a fan. Me and my friend were able to spend the last Sunday of November 2010 there. The housing isn't huge or especially slick but I later realized that's part of what makes this dropzone so likeable. Initial manifesting was thorough but efficient, we got first class and well maintained rental equipment and were at 13000 in no time (C-206 turboprop). The location is great; you get warm weather all year, clear skies with an ocean view and a mountain view. You simply can't beat it. The real reason that I'm such a fan is the staff. The people are simply great. I'm sure they run the place for a living but it feels like they're just there to make sure you get great jumps. I did two coach jumps with the DZO, learned a lot, got a dvd with the video recordings of both jumps and just had to pay a total of 50 euro's: for the coach's jump tickets. The day we spent there was a quiet sunday, in between the boogies and training camps they host in winter (there appear to be quite a few of them as a lot of clubs / team go there for their winter jumps) but there were enough jumpers around for them to do about ten loads. I ended up doing 5 jumps that day but figure it could have been about 7 if I had really put my mind to it. In my experience that's really nice on a quite Sunday in their slow season. At day's end the staff decided to cook traditional paella on a gas stove and we were invited to stay along for the meal. That turned out to be our best evening for that trip to Spain. Can´t wait to get back asap. p.s. make sure to email them before you head over there as it appears they're not running a 7 days a week operation all year round. Do think they're open all weekends though.
  4. rhopstr

    Paracentrum Texel

    Paracentrum Texel is located on the largest island in The Netherlands. The view from above is magnificent!