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  1. stick your fucking legs out
  2. Here's one from this last weekend at Spaceland
  3. a couple of more practical ones: Don't fly over anything you don't want to land on. Experience is what you get what you don't get what you expected. and perhaps my favorite: Pull Low, Stay High and sleep with your riggers wife!
  4. I really doubt it, even a 135 SaberII is tight
  5. you can have a career in packing in a couple of days, that's one of the highest paying jobs in the skydiving industry
  6. defensive flying is staying aware, reacting quickly and correctly to situations, making good choices and assuming that your friends are trying to kill you
  7. because SKYDIVERS don't sue Which brings up a question ... do tandems (and other students, for that matter) sign waivers at Lodi? Tandems do, don't know about AFF
  8. there are two kinds of skydivers, those that have had a reserve ride and those that will.
  9. I still have my first custom container, and a couple others ;)
  10. Talk to Bob Johns up there, he will set you on the right path.
  11. I have at the end of ground school told a couple of people that they might wish to do a tandem first to see if they wanted to do a solo jump. As I recall they did a tandem and we never saw them again.
  12. I'd be afraid that that stuff would take the calendar off the fabric. better test on a small swatch first.
  13. are you reaching for the ground and pounding in on your heels?
  14. I think what Kate's saying is: 6 way round in the middle zippers off of that a "stinger" or "slot flake" off the zipper Up to there it is what you have in the diagram instead of making lines betweek the leg grips on the zippers instead put open ended lines of three people each off the leg grips on each side of the "stingers"
  15. How about coming to Lodi where you get 3K for $5 ;)
  16. Geeze girl if your profile is correct and you have around 200 jumps, how frigging special does your jumpsuit need to be?