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  1. Flaring with rear risers can cause your canopy to stall. Be careful.
  2. TALK to your instructors. This type of behaviour will turn you into a greasy spot on the runway.
  3. You are NOT tracking. You are making a forward movement to dock. Tracking is introduced at Level 6 I think.Quote
  4. Barefoot Waterskiing (competitive ~8yrs) Skeleton (novice)
  5. Serously considering this. Anybody want to share???
  6. well, I did sprain my knee catching tandems on a windy day. I've been grounded for the last 3 weeks.
  7. Hummmm, mine seems to buck a little in front riser turns also......(thinking).
  8. What about high speed mals? Concentrating the equipment selection only on 2 out seems unwise.
  9. Try to pull the cut-away 2 more times. Then deploy the reserve (and hope).
  10. Jumped there for the first time today. Super King Air that can really climb! They put up loads of up-jumpers with only 9 jumpers. Hugh landing area 450' above the airport (set your AADs and alti's accordingly). Cool little muni airport, coffee shop right next to the hanger. Indoor bathrooms at the coffee shop. No shopwers looked like no camping. Limited indoor packing area (~6 people at a time). One nice thing is that you can just leave your credit card with manifest, and they will bill you at the end of the day like a bar tab. People were friendly and I had no problem finding someone to jump with.
  11. Bring up your computer in "safe mode" then start the defrag program.
  12. Anyone going to Lodi on Sat for the NSL 4way meet? I'm a low timer trying to find a pick-up team.
  13. Jumped there for the first time this weekend. I came over because my home DZ was winded out. Super Otter on Sat and Beech 99 on Sun. Indoor bathrooms, Grass landing area, big hanger, Doughboy pool , Nice hanger for packing and lots of packers if ya use em. 50c sodas, free cookies, free rubber bands, pull up cords and closing loops. What I REALLY loved (being a low timer, is if you manifest as a solo the owner IMMEDIATLY orginized me into his load!!!
  14. No shit. I let someone else pack for me last weekend. I went up on an 11 way and deployed at 3K. Opened up on-heading but with 6 line twists. Canopy started to turn right and dive while I was turning left. Felt like it was _really_ going to start spinning up for a second. Got that stopped and started kicking out. It was canopy, altimeter, pillow, chrome, repeat all the way down to 2100 as I got out of the least twist. Quick canopy control test and I didn't chop. Dammit! now I'm short! Just landed in. If I got to 2K it would have been gone. What gave me hope was that the slider was down and had forced all the twists to the bottom. Once I got on the ground I saw not one, but two extra rubber bands on the D-bag. Probably only had 6" of lines free in the tray. I'll tell ya one thing though, I sure wouldn't want to clear the twists at 1500 and find out I have _another_ problem!
  15. jsaxton

    Psycho Pack?

    Does anyone out there Psycho Pack? I've been thinking of trying it but I'd like to know I'm not the only one. Is the bridle extension necessary?
  16. jsaxton

    SkyDance SkyDiving

    Went there for Pete Galli's Dive, Float Track camp. They were running a Caravan (2 when it got busy). Facilitys were good. The camp was a good deal. There were 10 people in the camp ranging from 35-1200 jumps. We talked about the exits and tried to build 10 and 5 way formations. Great chance to get some free coaching. you just have to pay for your slot and $2 per jump for the camera. Highly recommended. Can't wait for the 4 way skills camp.