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  1. we taught that if you could get the canopy (280) to flu straight with one hand no lower than you'r ear it's _probably_ landable.
  2. Aw shit, I thought you meant your first Pilot Chute. Now THAT would be exciting to try for the first time ;)
  3. I bet the rest of the teams backs were sore from weighting up THAT much ;)
  4. It seemed kinda sleepy compared to Sidney and Melbourne bit university there that's about all I remember I was only there one day
  5. been there 20 years ago, don't remember much except the Gran Prix track
  6. try extending your legs a little, that usually will stop a slow turn.
  7. I'll land a step-through BELOW the slider, but I don't see hou you could land a step-through ABIVE the slider.
  8. Actually I think Hollister is in business, that's a heck of a lot closer to San Jose.
  9. well for sure it isn't Peter
  10. Why the heck are you pricing out NEW gear at your experience level? You should probably be looking for a nice USED rig as your first rig. ;)
  11. jsaxton

    RW suit

    I like the Parasport. Tony suits are good and last a long time (I have over 2000 jumps on one of mine) but I still prefer the Parasport.
  12. finish college. you'll neeeeed thje money if you like it ;)
  13. sounds like you would benefit in the short term by fulling extending and pushing down, but leaving your arms wider for now to increase stability and steering ability.
  14. Nah, people won't REALLY start giving you shit until you have a license
  15. Were you perhaps looking up at the opening canopy?
  16. Heck, I had more than 500 but meby I'm old fashioned, or is that just old?