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  1. jsaxton

    Carrol Shaw

    any info about the ash spreading yet?
  2. what's wrong with Spain?
  3. jsaxton

    Z1 helmet

  4. jsaxton

    Wherer to stay in SF-bay.....?

    I assume you will have an auto. It is about 140-160 kilometers between Lodi and the tunnel. All the towns you mention will have accommodations like you describe. If you can afford it I would check into the Marriott Residence Inns. It is a hotel but has rooms with a full kitchen as well as having a Gym and Pool. I jump at Lodi and live about 40 kilometers from the tunnel, feel free to PM me and give me more details about when you are planning to come, budget and preferences. You can also call the Parachute center http://parachutecenter.com/ and ask to speak with Bill or Cathy, they will be happy to help you.
  5. jsaxton

    Marv Trudeau

    I knew Marv from the 100way circuit. He will be missed. Blue Skys Marv
  6. jsaxton

    Accuracy Jumper question

    How about coming to Lodi where you get 3K for $5 ;)
  7. jsaxton

    SOS jumps in CA??

    They start this week
  8. finish college. you'll neeeeed thje money if you like it ;)
  9. jsaxton

    Skydiving Resume

    Name Address Phone email #jumps ratings years in sport tunnel training height exit weight main canopy (w/l) medals largest formation attempted largest formation completed # points 4 way (in time) Participated in the following events/records: Are some things that come to mind.
  10. jsaxton


    Cohiba Robustos seem to work the best. Make sure you get a real Cuban one though, the Honduran ones don't seem to work as well
  11. jsaxton

    8 way exit sequencing

    very helpful, are you launching anything else this year?
  12. jsaxton

    Current jump prices

    US $13 to 13K (Lodi) Most other places > $20US (I hear Perris is at least $27 to 12.5k)
  13. jsaxton

    Helmet Cleaning

    take out the lining, wash cold with woolite, dry in shade, replace.
  14. I like the Z1, the faceshield locking mechanism on the Oxy is funky and the shields are hard to replace.
  15. What the heck are you talking about? A weight belt?
  16. jsaxton

    Bandit jumping?

    Why don't you instead get some more experience and let this thread which contains incriminating evidence die for a while before you try it.
  17. Gators cost about $25, you'll spend a LOT more in the tunnel to get the same effect ;) Slow suit, good idea, dosen't have the stigma attached to it that a sweatshirt does and it's cooler in the summer. Don't think the helmet will get you much for the $$. Skills help too, in another couple thousand jumps the suit won't matter as much
  18. jsaxton

    Chest Rings

    Some rigs have "articulated" chest straps that are sewn around rings that are attached to the main lift web.
  19. jsaxton

    Stiletto 190 Question

    I personally are happier with a SabreII than the Stiletto
  20. good timing with the camp going, see you there!
  21. jsaxton


    Your instructor will answer all these questions. Depends on the Country.