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  1. lol i'm the opposite. I dragged my damn rig on about 6 work trips in the last two years thinking i'd HAVE to get a day off or an early out to jump....the damn rig has sat in my hotel room the entire time for the last six trips straight.
  2. "god save the queen" One of the scariest jumps I've ever been on was a BFR lol. "Tom is gay!...go go go"
  3. how long do you keep it? If you keep it short you will have more issues with weeds. I keep mine pretty long and that seems to limit the amount of sun weeds can get and kinda snuffs them out. It helps with watering as well, the length of the grass shades the roots where you want some moisture.
  4. Spending a week in intensive care getting plates installed in your head to hold your skull back together and severe road rash addressed and then seeing multiple buddies go through the same thing will eventually change your opinion on not wearing proper riding attire.
  5. I just bought the sony imagination studio suite and it doesn't include the tutorial vid that comes with vegas 10 platinum. Does anyone know of a source for the tutorial vid (for free?)?
  6. Me and a few guys are headin down tomorrow morn. Can't wait to eat, sleep, and skydive (in no particular order) for three days straight at least.
  7. yup most likely dehydration. I had alot of problems with that too when i first started jumping. If your pee is yellow you're not drinking enough liquids. Also I have a huge vain that runs through my forehead that usually only comes out when I'm pissed, and I think it had something to do with it. When I wear a full face I don't get headaches, if I jump with an open face or no helmet they come back.
  8. I've always had a cheapo "jeep" brand roller carry-on bought from wal-mart that works just fine and doesn't have any wear showing in three years of use yet. It has plenty of room for two jump suits, my rig, and the front pocket for other crap. I just hang my helmet bag off the extending handle. I guess I never really understood why you'd have to have a sport specific "gear bag" when something like that works just fine.
  9. no no no you take it one better than that. If you're out on the end of the strut, take it one step further and swing your feet up and hook them over the leading edge of the wing, let go of the strut and hang upside down from the wing by your feet/ankles. To exit simply tip your feet up and away you go. I've exited twice like that lately when I was last out and was planning on pulling high so I could take the spot a bit farther.
  10. Robyn sorry to hear of your bad experience. Hopefully you recover quickly. Typically when I have seen people hit the step it's because they balled up or looked down instead of going into an arch and keeping their head up. (remember "look up at the plane as you exit?") I'm not going to delve into the specifics of what you were or weren't taught at DZ #1 but am fairly confident that a slight side step, immediate arch, and look up at the plane as you are leaving were indeed covered (I'm guessing you may have heard a story about an instructor having someone in the plane hold up a certain number of fingers to the student as they came off the step and expecting the student to tell them post jump how many fingers were held up as a way to keep the students eyes on the plane?). I am not sure where you picked up to drag the inside leg, dragging the outside leg is something that is covered and reinforced from day one. A few words to the wise...I would be cautious about coming to an internet site for advice, especially when on student status. It's quite easy for students to be nieve about advice they recieve and be led astray. You may have ten different pieces of advice that contradict eachother and will only serve to confuse you more. You also never know what an individuals motives or real experience level may be. I would strongly advise you to stick with advising your instructional staff at the DZ. After all they deal with you and have hopefully percieved the best way you learn the best way to present material to you based on past experience. As for poised exits they are not simply a student only thing. They are something you will use often in your future skydiving activity. Especially if jumping 4 or 5 jumpers off the crowded step of a 182.
  11. scary...especially when we already have an example to reference (failure?). I seem to remember new orleans police seizing weapons post katrina only to then abandon their posts and leave the citizens to fend for themselves.
  12. I just kinda find it funny and ironic. Apparently I just can't be attentive enough to safely jump with a camera because of my jump numbers...but I am attentive enough to successfully pass my eval jumps and jump with students on my recent coach rating.
  13. Vegas allows it, but keep in mind when you zoom in you will lose a bit of image quality just like if you crop a picture.
  14. Why on earth would they want to do that? Look, your profile says one jump, was this your first jump? Reality is, you made a mistake and got out of control. That's why you're in training, 'cos you don't know how to do this yet. The important thing is that you listen to your instructors now when they tell you what you did wrong and what you should do differently next time. 1st jump with one instructor? lol doubt it. I think the implication an instrctor flung him away is great considering the major goal of instruction is to get in close to the student and stay in close with them.
  15. Wow I was asking about an equipment issue to see if anyone has experienced it and you take it to speakers corner level bashing? Trust me I've thought plently and researched plenty about the issues you speak of BEFORE I made the decision to purchase one, it was a long winter. I don't "screw around with it". I typically push the power button as I am donning my helmet, in the couple of cases it didn't come on I pushed it again and left alone and continued to put my helmet on. And no I haven't roughed it up, I've used it on about 10 jumps total and two track days on my bike. I treat it like I would my altimeter or a helmet, with due care.
  16. I just got a gopro hd just over a month ago. Lately the unit has refused to power up on me at times. Twice now it's done it on jump run and i've been stuck with no video of jumps I really really wanted vid of. Has anyone else experienced any issue like this? I've tried pulling the battery and reseating it when it does it, pulling the ccard and trying to start it without a card, formatting the card thinking that may have something to do with it, and just trying to turn it on multiple times. This has occured when it's fresh off the charger so i know it's not a dead battery issue. When it has turned on the battery indicator is scrolling from emply to full. I don't remember ever noticing that before it started acting up so I dont know if that is normal or not. Typically on other electronics the only time the battery indicator does that is when it is charging.
  17. no way to get it if you download? I'm gonna pick it up but was gonna download. I'm thinking I'm gonna buy the boxed version now.
  18. ahhhhh it all makes sense now. lol. OK. now I feel like a really big dumb ass for sticking layers of tape under the clip to cut down on vibration. DOH!
  19. Ok this is prolly a dumb ass quiestion but what is the little white rubber thing that came with my gopro HD? Looks like a nose plug with a circle dangling off. I can't find the text that came with the cam otherwise I'd just look in there.
  20. Not to suggest that I agree with the police tactics in this incident (because I don't), but how many people did the police kill in this incident? Don Give me liberty or give me death....
  21. The claim is really just an indication of her apparent attitute, which my guess would be pretty shitty and full of herself. The old saying i've heard from HR people " I can train someone to do a job, but i can't train them not to be an asshole" sounds like it would apply here. She's probably used to the world kissing her ass and didn't get her way there. Nice looking..yes, but not as hot as she thinks. By the way that photog calls himself a professional? That is some pretty shitty photography work.
  22. just finishing up "the art of racing in the rain".
  23. I have been having to push the back button multiple times to go back one page. Curiously I hovered over the back button and notice that the link to go back to appears to be an ad link.
  24. I dunno but I'm getting really tired of it and have been avoiding the site more lately because of it. The ads on the left side don't load for me so maybe has to do with that?
  25. great for trimming doggy nails if they don't mind the noise. I don't use mine as much in the garage, usually the air powered die grinder is a bit more appropriate for that.