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  1. gearless_chris

    5D mark III

    Norman Kent does.
  2. gearless_chris

    Go pro tongue switch

    Trunk was working on one, haven't heard about it lately.
  3. gearless_chris

    Sony a6300

    I was already planning on switching to Sony mirrorless for video this year. Looks like I'll be getting at least one A6300.
  4. gearless_chris

    Whats a video guy/gal make these days?

    Probably nothing by after you replace all your gear to get current. :-D
  5. I've wondered why we haven't had more problems from no cutaway systems on "camera helmet" set ups on full face helmets, or especially side mount ed small format cameras. That Fastec clip is easy to unhook on the ground, but trying to dig it out of your throat so you can try to unbuckle it would suck.
  6. gearless_chris

    Skydive chicago

    Maybe there used to be issues and people don't know the place has changed, or refuse to believe it. I've only been jumping since 2003, and never made it to SDC until 2006, so I don't know what it was like back when there were incidents like Ron Passmore's. I've been to a few dz's where people sit around and whine about how bad SDC is, but I don't hear people at SDC talking crap about other dz's, so it seems a little one sided to me.
  7. gearless_chris

    Free fall convention

    Probably not, come to Summerfest, you'll get to meet a lot of the same people.
  8. It was on 5 minutes ago .
  9. gearless_chris

    Harness too big?

    Do you have any canopies in it yet? They don't feel the same when they're empty.
  10. gearless_chris

    Altering Jumpsuits

    One of our jumpers went to a regular dress maker and had her install a second zipper. In the summer he can use the original zipper, but after winter with the extra clothes he uses the new zipper that gives him an extra 2 inches. I'll try to get a picture this weekend.
  11. gearless_chris

    Audio fader switch

    Try this, We used something similar at our dz. I thought it would've been nice to have an EQ to run the camera audio through. If you drop the bass out you can hear the conversations in the plane better.
  12. gearless_chris

    Bridal Extension Picture?

    Here's mine, it works well. It's just 3/4 inch binding tape, sewn into a big loop, with a small loop on one end, and a bigger loop on the other.Make sure the big loop end has a loop big enough for the hackey to fit through easy, the other end can be much smaller. It's about a foot long.
  13. gearless_chris

    Precision Aerodynamics Website

    Maybe they're finally updating it. I don't think it has changed in the last 5 years, other than to take the Monarch off the list and add R-max.
  14. gearless_chris

    Front riser loops

    I don't have a Mirage, I have a Vector3. I assume the Teflon loops are so the loops stay open all the time, like the Louie loops on my Vector. I love 'em, you can grab 'em without looking. I was a little concerned about the same thing when I ordered mine since they were brand new and I hadn't seen them in person yet. They squish down really well, so they're basically just a little thicker than normal risers. They don't show on my rig when it's closed. I would assume that the Mirage version will behave the same.