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  1. grantunderland

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    I've always referenced back to Shannon's YouTube video on Hard Decks as I believe it is the easiest way to identify a hard deck. I've had to think about where in my pattern this is as my canopy flight has evolved over the years and pattern altitudes raise with increased turns. My current hard deck is as I'm turning base at around 1100-1000', and I still mentally call out my hard deck to myself
  2. The first two out I ever saw happened at 2k when a new reserve packjob had the closing loop break on deployment. I recall there being under 10 jumps (and maybe 1 week) on the packjob. I have also been at the DZ when someone broke their back after their RSL became entangled with the reserve lines when chopping a low downplane. He was smart to chop first as there was no altitude to disconnect the RSL.
  3. grantunderland

    Andy Stumpf's Terrible Tandem Jump

    The SEALs do have a reputation for talking the most
  4. grantunderland

    HYPEYE Alpha Shipping

    I saw it on an x3000 at the DZ this weekend. Looks great and I'll be picking up a few when I've got the scratch.
  5. grantunderland

    Pilot 168 fit in Vector V348?

    I had a Pulse 170 in a v348 with an OPT176 reserve. It was a bit on the soft side, but not TOO bad.
  6. grantunderland

    should I take a canopy control course?

    Yes. My first Flight-1 course was on a similarly loaded Crossfire2 and walked away quite happy. Worth every last penny.
  7. grantunderland

    Audible placement in a g3?

    For the N3, you'll probably have to cut out some of the padding to get it to fit. I never got around to that since my N3 seems to have a shorter-than-average battery life. Leaving it in during the week may help shape the padding around it some to make it more comfortable.
  8. grantunderland

    2 week turnaround on Cypress - yeah right

    I just got one back from SSK. Two and a half weeks door to door for mine.
  9. grantunderland

    Skydive Minnesota

    I did my AFF 1 and 2 at Skydive MN before heading overseas. The instruction was great, I must have had good coaches because I had two stand-up landings! The atmosphere was great, I didn't even mind being grounded due to clouds because I was having almost as much fun on the ground with Nick, Kelly, and everyone else hanging out. Great atmosphere, great people, I will DEFINITELY be back here once I return!!