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  1. I've always referenced back to Shannon's YouTube video on Hard Decks as I believe it is the easiest way to identify a hard deck. I've had to think about where in my pattern this is as my canopy flight has evolved over the years and pattern altitudes raise with increased turns. My current hard deck is as I'm turning base at around 1100-1000', and I still mentally call out my hard deck to myself
  2. The first two out I ever saw happened at 2k when a new reserve packjob had the closing loop break on deployment. I recall there being under 10 jumps (and maybe 1 week) on the packjob. I have also been at the DZ when someone broke their back after their RSL became entangled with the reserve lines when chopping a low downplane. He was smart to chop first as there was no altitude to disconnect the RSL.
  3. The SEALs do have a reputation for talking the most
  4. Let's not forget when a certain manifesting software does an update Friday night, now it's Saturday AM and the system is down, you have 20 tandems checking in, and that asshole 4-way team is wanting to put different amounts of money on their account then transfer $X to the coach's account and $Y to the video guy's. FWIW, TK isn't exaggerating. I wish my team had just made a team account as it would've saved us, and manifest, at least 30 minutes a weekend
  5. I've used various Under Armor Receiver's gloves for the last 3-4 seasons for 4way FS and camera. Never had any issues with grabbing my risers. But they tend to fall apart fairly quickly, about 5-10 tunnel hours + 150-200 jumps at terminal hanging onto bars, turning pieces, etc. Clicky
  6. This was my setup for last year. Main video: Sony AX-33 - 4k, IBIS Backup video: GoPro 4 black. Both 4k, one @medium, 1 @wide. Used some 1080p120 during practice for SloMo for coaching Stills (not used at Nationals, hence two backup cams): Canon SL1 with either EF-S 10-22 or EF-S 24. SL1 with EF-S 24 is a super light setup, but the FPS sucks (2.5 I think) Setup I'm looking at if I come back from a car accident: 2x Sony X3000 with Hypeye Alphas Canon M6 with EF-M 15-45 and EF-M 22. I'd mostly use 22 during RW, 15-45 for Canopy and other fun jumps It seems like almost everyone has a Sony a6xxx on their helmets these days and are getting amazing stills. To each their own.
  7. The first 2-out I ever saw happened at ~2k when a 6-jump old Cypres loop broke on main opening. I had to check my altimeter a few times to make sure I wasn't unwillingly sucked into the basement because "AAD fire" was the only thing by brain could think, and I was only 200 or so feet above.
  8. Shit, I start a 90 at 700 on a VC96 @ team said 90s only before Nationals. Though, maybe that was me trying to maximize the 90...
  9. I saw it on an x3000 at the DZ this weekend. Looks great and I'll be picking up a few when I've got the scratch.
  10. 1300+ and 2 chops. First at 211 and 2nd was 13 jumps ago. Thankfully a practice jump before Nationals and not 3 jumps later.
  11. I've had both and prefer the 2-piece as well. They also pack up in a tight gear bag a little bit better
  12. SDC Rhythm XP has a performance tracker on their website for 4/8 way that could probably be modified to your needs as it sounds like you have the skillset on the team. It's an Excel sheet with a ton of macros and formulas, but it works well enough. You can use it to measure each formation, hill time, key-to-key, and track a whole season. With enough repetitions and data, you can give the tool a dive and it will give you the score it thinks you should get based on hill and the different formations. So you can basically compete against yourself during practice.
  13. While I mostly agree with your post, I'm going to guess this wouldn't have been as easy to do with a pillow.
  14. It's actually "Buy one, get one free", where we recognize we're getting two total. But it's been shortened to BOGO by most retailers.