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  1. I'm looking to get a new camera jacket and wanted to get some opinions on what you guys use as of late and some pictures of the jackets if you have them. How durable has it been? How is the breathability? Anything you would change on the jacket? Thanks!
  2. Good question for the NZ folks. I've gone through the order form and didn't see the exact sizes they plan on selling. There is a 159 in production that will be a stock canopy.
  3. Does anybody have plans on competing with any of the new non-crossbraced wings next year in the CP circuit? I'm not sure how the Crossfire3/Telsa will compete against the current Katana. But, I do have plans on competing in the last 2 circuits at Paraclete next year and really trying to decide on staying the the wing I have now or move over to a new planform.
  4. If you want to get more speed and performance, why not just increase your turn rather than changing the size of the canopy? Food for thought.
  5. Thank Alex! Appreciate you shedding some light on the flight characteristics. I'm curious on the openings as well. @Daniel. Yeah, I've learn just to fly with the wing and have gotten comfortable with it. It's the occasional whips that get me especially when I fly camera.
  6. I'm curious to know the flight characteristics in comparison to the KA. It seems like a promising wing when they mention they were focusing on the openings, which I dread on the KA. Don't get me wrong, I love flying the Katana only once it opens and flies.
  7. It's apparently a complete redesign. And from what I hear, it's likely to be two canopies... one aimed at the Stiletto-ish end and one at the Katana-ish end of the market. I guess the Katana is also a poor choice for learning high-performance landings on though, right? I did have someone PM some material on CF3 -> 7 weeks ago, quote "still don't have a timeline on that yet, but we hope in the next few months if all goes well! Fingers crossed ;) Shan" -> two weeks ago, quote "Not just yet, but the project is in full swing now that the Safire 3 is released.... Shan" I do agree the KA is a poor first choice to learn from, but I did come from a SA2 wing before transitioning to the KA. There is a thread with someone mentioning that there will be two CF versions here:;search_string=crossfire3;#4714800
  8. Anybody have any news on when these will be released? After seeing the spoilers for Crossfire3 in 11/14, I haven't seen anything since. And there is nothing beyond the PD R&D: What lies ahead over a year ago.
  9. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. My assumption about how the gate is determined is way off. I understand that 0 on the x-axis is the gate, and originally, I was thinking that without me defining a gate that anytime I may be X feet off the ground that would be gate. So without defining gate parameters, how does the software determine where the gate is at? I provided a sample of one of my swoops. Entry gate speed shows it as 40.9 mph and when opening it up in Google Earth, I do see a gate marker on the ground. exited airplane: 13881 ft AGL initiated turn: 530 ft AGL, 29 ft back, -524 ft offset max vertical speed: 148 ft AGL, 235 ft back, -36 ft offset (51.7 mph) started rollout: 148 ft AGL, 235 ft back, -36 ft offset (51.7 mph) finished rollout: 7 ft AGL, 34 ft back, 2 ft offset max total speed: 295 ft AGL, 268 ft back, -182 ft offset (67.9 mph) max horizontal speed: 54 ft AGL, 136 ft back, 0 ft offset (49.5 mph) degrees of rotation: 134 deg (left-hand) time to execute turn: 8.20 sec time during rollout: 3.06 sec time aloft during swoop: 5.94 sec entry gate speed: 40.9 mph distance to stop: 163 ft touchdown estimate: 163 ft (1.6 mph) speed carve time: ---- sec (---- mph)
  11. How is your gate height set? I would assume its statically configured for 5ft for the open class, but can this be configured to be set at 10ft?
  12. Fair enough. Honestly, if I were in your shoes, I would demo a Safire 2 and the Pilot and make your comparison with the experience you have on the Sabre2. Other people opinions may be different than yours. On that note, my opinion: I've jumped a [email protected] to 1.4 and [email protected]. - The Sabre2 openings are fine but I get the occasional off-heading openings, and these lessened as my body position during deployment had gotten better. I was able to get soft openings on both, but had more on heading openings with the Safire. - Both canopies are fun to fly in the sky with toggles or risers. - On normal straight in landings, I prefer Sabre2 over Safire2. The Sabre2 just had more range and was more forgiving. Like during light wind days, If I had flared too early with the Safire, I wouldn't have the bottom end like the Sabre2 to finish the flare. Personally, I've chosen the Sabre2 because, like you said, it is fun to fly.
  13. There is already a thread on this...;search_string=safire2%20vs.%20pilot;#4067520
  14. nad

    Why exit at 10.5K?

    Skydive Radio asked a question with why are teams exiting at 10.5K for competition. Any of you history buffs know why this decision was made?
  15. How about creating a sticky on the Swooping forum that has videos all the mistakes people have made in the past regarding their canopy choices/maneuvers? If they progress to fast or don't show competency, show them what can happen when mistakes and poor choices are made. Who is to say they are progressing to fast or don't show competency? I think it should be someone authoritative on the DZ like the DZO or S&TA.. I've seen and read enough on the swooping forums that if you downsize to fast, progress well beyond your capabilities, or plain don't listen, that you can seriously get hurt or die. Seeing that, I've reached out local instruction and education from the Flight-1 courses prior to trying anything new. Then take what you learn in the sky until it becomes second nature and progress. This has worked for me (someone who is just starting to learn), I don't know about anyone else who has already been in the sport without proper education.