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  1. Good thing I wasn't thinking LAX airport. I'm not liking the inconsistency. MCO is where I am looking to go this time around. Hoping the Skimmer lumbar belt doesn't look too much like a bomb belt to people before I go through TSA security. Flying out of MSP to start the trip off. Maybe I can just say that it is a back warmer for the cold winter months.
  2. I couldn't find anything recent about this topic when I did a search so if anyone knows of a recent forum then please guide me in the right direction. Normal feed back would be great as well about experiences with wearing a weight belt while traveling these days. I don't plan on checking a bag so this is why I ask. I might be able to place it in the carry on but it would be tight. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions. It's always helpful to get some second insight to things like this.
  4. My canopy was in need of a reline right away before doing anymore jumps on it. Sent it in, took longer than expected, so on and so forth. A friend who hasn't really been jumping a whole lot in the last 3 years borrowed her canopy to me while the reline was taking place. So here is the real situation. I want to get her a gift to say thank you but don't know what is acceptable or enough especially considering it did take a bit longer than the both of us thought. She isn't upset at the time it took because she knew she wasn't going to make any jumps anytime soon but I do feel bad. Thoughts...ideas...? HELP and thanks in advance.
  5. Yeah I know there is already threads on it but I saw the date on them and was just thinking of getting different/newer opinions on the 3.
  6. I've heard these 3 are pretty similar in characteristics. I've made about 50 jumps on a sabre 2 150 and loved the way it flew. If I wanted to be the first down, I was able to do so. If I was long out or just wanted to hang out then could. So I am wondering on everyone opinion with all three being that I am downsizing to the 150 range. Thanks
  7. Looking to get some opinions between the two. Pros, cons, and similarities of the two. I bought the BH Revolve helmet and now need to know which is going to work and perform better. Wrote this very quick so I most likely left out key details of what I'm looking for out of this forum. If so, please just ask me so that it can help you in any way possible of helping me figure out which to purchase. Thanks
  8. Sweetness! I'll totally have to make it up there when I get my 'A'. So thank you for the suggestion.
  9. I'm at MSC in Waseca. Really fun group here to work with me and also SMS is like 100 feet away so this coming season I should be meeting more of the family! More people to kick my ass in the right direction! And everyone, thank you for the advice. This is all useful to know in this time where I'm going to be learning the most.
  10. I thought after off student status you were able to jump in higher winds then what a student is stuck at!?!? And be lucky down there because up here its an actual winter season that is killing me. Not to mention that windy fall season, but my fault for getting a late start on my A-license.
  11. I actually only got 2 S/L jumps in just before the winds said, "screw you, no more for you." So I'm at a stand still for taking my adrenaline meds. Oh and before I started on my 'A' License program, I did 2 tandems!!
  12. Looking for People from the Mn area to talk to this young pup here and also to introduce myself to what will become soon another family (Not soon enough though. Stupid winter.) Right now learning things that my instructor pointed out for some sites to look at but would also like to be able to talk to people that are local to the state or bordered and also potentially seeing come this spring/summer season. Thanks
  13. Wow, just got done reading everything up to this point and really glad that I posted because I didnt realize how much there was to really think about in the sport and go with skill level over the numbers. Also been reading up on some articles on bigairsportz and now am realizing a different view of not jump doing it for the jump but how much I can do and learn while under canopy...and how much fun I could potentially have while flying my canopy. I will for sure talk more with my instructors when at the DZ. But at the same time would appreciate it if you guys could just keep feeding me information on here also (and also like you have been doing, point out the useless stuff
  14. So I'm a beginner skydiver that is in need of a lot of information about rigs as I want to start looking into getting the complete rig. Like what brand of containers are the best for a beginner? Also types of mains I should look at (including sq ft)? If it helps any, I am 5' 7" 160 pounds with athletic build. If there is also any sites that can I can read up on for reviews on good beginner rigs that would be awesome also!! Then finally for now, used or new and if getting used on main, number of jumps on it for the maximum that I should buy at? Thanks