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  1. Unstable exits happen. I doubt there are any TI’s who can honestly say they have “never” had un unstable exit but using the drogue to try to get stable or throwing it while on your back is scary. I’d love to hear from the TI about his thoughts on this jump
  2. not exactly a HUD but check this out.
  3. Terry Pike at Aero tech products in Deland made me one several years ago. I still use it. Terry can be reached at Phone: (386) 736-2376 His price was super reasonable
  4. so there are better cameras that the cx155E for video. Why are you choosing that one in particular? Just curious. That being said if you are going to use that camera the correct wide angle lens depends on your flying style. meaning how close you fly to the team. I typically used a .5 wide angle lens it was side enough for me to make sure I got a good exit and to keep the team in frame when I was flying. If you fly super tight with your team you'll need something wider. Honestly for big ways I didn't use a wide angle lens. I flew high enough above the formation to keep it in frame without a wide angle lens. You'll have to play around a little bit to find the set up that works with your style of flying. I'd recommend starting with the .5 wide angle lens and going from there. Make sure you buy one that matches the threads on the camera, try no to use a step down ring if you don't need to they can cause some problems on some cameras. Also another thing to think about is, are you going to shoot stills. You want to make sure that the lens for your camera match your wide angle lens so your photos match what your shooting on video
  5. not a pilot, and don't jump wing suits yet. What FAR did they violate?
  6. Are you shooting with a flash for those sunset loads? If so how are you mounting it??
  7. Fang took me on my first skydive. It was a tandem at skydive Deland in 1986. He's the reason I became a skydiver.
  8. Redundant external hard drive..... after a while I delete the oldest stuff unless there is a specific reason I want to keep it
  9. I like the idea of the Tony fly better. I think your audible will fit internally just fine. I think the Tony fly will give you the versatility to mount your still camera vertically or horizontally if you choose to.
  10. Are you talking about a 19mm for stills? What challenges are you having with it? I think that you are going to find the 30mm and the 50mm too tight unless there’s a lot of separation between you and the formation. Especially if you’re trying to get exit shots. For the moment, I’m still using my sony cx100 it works okay, I’m pairing it with the canon 5d mark iii and I’m going to start with a 24mm prime lens and see how it does. I’m also looking at the sony X-3000, I’ve heard good things about it and the price isn’t bad, I’m just not sure about it’s suitability for shooting big way stuff. I suspect it will do fine but just not sure
  11. Thanks man, that helps a lot!
  12. Hey guys the folks at really right stuff are a little confused about using their L plate on a helmet. I’m not having much luck finding a base quick disconnect plate that mounts to the helmet. Any help you can give as far as a part number or anything would be really appreciated!
  13. It depends on the DZ. There are a few different thoughts about exit order. I always ask when getting a DZ briefing before manifesting. But have no fear, there will always be someone in the boarding area to tell you how to do it......